Conquer the tallest mountain peaks in Romania

Hiking & Trekking

For those in search of an active holiday, Romania provides wonderful opportunities, with hundreds of kilometers of trails waiting to be explored. Depending on how experienced you are, you can opt for a trekking route through the Carpathian Forests combined with hiking in some of the highest mountains in Romania: BucegiFăgărasPiatra Craiului or Ciucaş. A route can include altitudes of over 2000 meters or natural protected parks and reservations. You will be assisted at all times by a professional guide who will share with you the amazing secrets of one of the best preserved European natural areas.

hiking in romania
Standing on top of the Ciucas Peak.


Romania is also a great location for cycling. Ride through the Transylvanian villages, conquer the heights of the Carpathian Mountains, and meet the inhabitants of villages hidden away from the busy urban areas. And if you prefer an itinerary that includes touristic landmarks, don't worry. All the trails and pathways are marked appropriately, and you can always safely return to the closest urban settlement.

cycling tours in romania
Bike ride through Transylvania

If you’d like to bike your way around Romania in an exciting holiday, we recommend doing it between April and October, since the temperatures won’t be so low and you won’t have to deal with heavy snows. Our tours will also provide you with a professional guide to assist you throughout your journey and help you discover the best cycling routes.


Nothing screams "adventure" like a good-old off-road tour. Drive through the Prahova Valley, explore remote villages, and stop at mountain lakes to enjoy the amazing atmosphere of the Carpathian Mountains.

Off-road through the Carpathian Mountains

So whether you're planning to explore the time-forgotten settlements of Transylvania, climb the tallest mountains in Romania, or explore the forest roads in a 4x4 vehicle, Romania provides the perfect opportunity to do it all.

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