Experience the culture of Romania

In the rural regions of Romania, ancient traditions, some more than 2000 years old, are still preserved. In wintertime, especially during Christmas and New Year’s Eve, all of Romania's historic regions seem to reconnect to the lost world of their former inhabitants. On New Year’s Eve, groups of young men wearing costumes made of animal skin go from door to door, performing ritual dances suggestively named “the bear dance” or “the goat dance”. They mutter ancient incantations destined to chase evil spirits away and make wishes for fertility and happiness for the new year. Their mysterious dances with spectacular jumps and astounding drum rhythms, combined with the sound of bells and intense shouting, originate in the ancient rituals of the free tribes. They make Romania one of the few places where the old traditions are preserved, letting you experience the authentic Romanian tourism.

bear dance romania
Young boy at a bear dance

Experience Romania

Romania’s tourist areas and attractions are authentic, natural, and charm visitors with their scenic mountain landscapes and unspoiled villages. If you go to southern regions of Romania in early summer when the Whitsuntide is celebrated (the old Latin festival of the roses), you will be truly amazed by a mysterious ritual with profound significance. It was passed from one generation to another, for thousands of years. The Dance of the Călușari (a Romanian men’s folk dance) has become part of the UNESCO World Heritage and is considered one of the fastest-paced dances in the world. On the day when the forest fairies put spells on humans, a magic group of dancers, always in an odd number, go from one house to another, performing a secret dance in order to chase away evil spirits and cure the ill.

dance of calusari
Romanian Calusari. Photo by Romania Insider.

Yet these are only a few of the special events that can be experienced in Romania. Many others are waiting to be discovered, on a journey that will feed both your body and soul. Authentic, natural and cultural are the words that best describe the Romanian tourism.

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