Cycling tours

If you’re in search of a dynamic, challenging holiday, practicing cycling in Romania is a one-of-a-kind experience. You can pause anytime in your itinerary to enjoy the people or places. Take a closer look at Romania, meet the people, decipher the smiles of children waving at you and get used to the warm greetings of the people of Transylvania. Take time to marvel at the hidden, unspoiled beauty of the Carpathians, enjoy spots and trails off the beaten track, climb the highest hills for panoramic views on the surroundings, cycle along rivers or virgins forests in the heart of the Carpathians. All these and more, on a thrilling holiday! If you prefer an itinerary including tourist objectives, you’ll find marked hiking trails and scenic pathways.

If you’d like to bike your way around Romania in an exciting holiday, we recommend doing it between April and October, since the temperatures won’t be so low and you won’t have to deal with heavy snows. Our tours will also provide you with a professional guide to assist you throughout your journey and help you discover the best cycling routes.