Theme parks

Without the elaboration of theme parks built under international brands, Romania can provide an interesting alternative for those who enjoy spending a few fun hours with friends or family. For a unique experience, we have chosen the most exciting theme parks in Romania, where you will face extreme situations that will surely increase your adrenaline level!

Theme Parks in Romania

Turda salt mine

An underground theme park built inside a salt mine with vast white chambers built in the 17th century. Many would think that salt couldn’t be transformed into such a beautiful underground landscape. The process of its creation required three billion tons of salt which were carved out by hand or machine and now the giant cavern left behind has been converted into a giant underground theme park and spa. What is even more amazing is that it has also its own boating lake.

turda salt mine

Activities such as mini-golf, romantic boat rides or bowling are fully enjoyed by the travelers. The moment when you realize they have managed to fit an entire Ferris wheel into the mine – around 2.40 minutes in – is when you get some idea of how big it really is. If you are looking for something a bit different to do this weekend, then this could be it.

Location: Cluj
Type: Amusement Park

Therme Bucharest

With a capacity of 4,000 people, it is divided into three main areas: Elysium, The Palm, and Galaxy. The thermal complex gives you the impression you are in nature, because of the natural look offered by hundreds of palm trees that surround the main pool and over 800,000 plants placed around the location. All pools are supplied with thermal water drawn from 3,100 meters below the ground, where the temperature passes 80 degrees. The uniqueness of this place is given by a copy of the Tree of Life which is among the botanical rarities at the moment.

In the Elysium area, visitors can choose from a variety of themed saunas and a swimming pool with selenium.

The Palm is the area full of palm trees, indoor and outdoor pools, jacuzzi and swimming pools with aromatherapy.

In the Galaxy area, you can find the largest wave pool in Romania, which has 16 slides. Just like in the rest of the park, the water temperature reaches 30 degrees. Why is it called Galaxy? Because of the galaxy decorated theme. The walls are covered with 600 meters of glass printed in high resolution with the images captured by Hubble over time. You can see the famous nebula – Pillars of Creation.

Location: Bucharest
Type: SPA & Waterpark

Arsenal Park

Built on a former military base, it offers a complete military experience, from training programs and workouts to special missions. It is the only military theme park in Europe, complete with bunkers and military equipment, including aircraft and tanks. You can choose from a wide range of activities such as military training, airsoft, and paintball battles, shooting with airsoft guns and paintball, archery, rides with tracked vehicle, trolley contests, golf car rental, bicycles, go-kart bikes, Segway, and more.

military park

The Park is home to the largest skatepark in Transylvania (an area of 1400 square meters), a rink with a capacity of 80 people, and it also holds a playground for children – Activity Park Arsenal. The latest addition is the Aqua Park Arsenal.

Location: Orastie
Type: Adventure Park

Aventura Park

A challenging place meant to test your skills in the open. Built among the trees, a few meters from the ground, it brings together all the obstacles one can encounter in nature. Parc Aventura Brasov has 14 progressively difficult tracks, and each track has a difficulty level, which is symbolized by a specific color:

  • 4 purple tracks for children under 8 years; the purple tracks have a security system which does not require carabineer manipulation, for a maximum safety;
  • 2 yellow tracks for children from 8 years old and for beginners; yellow tracks do not exceed a height of 3 meters;
  • 3 green tracks which are easy, where you can get used to the height of gaming; on the green tracks the game height do not exceed 6 meters;
  • 2 blue tracks of medium difficulty which are considered to be the most pleasant, being neither too light nor too heavy, but enough to be fun;
  • 2 red tracks and 1 black track which already require energy, strength, and technique; on these trails we get the maximum adrenaline;

aventura park

The greatest height is reached on the black track, which is 20 meters.

Location: Brasov
Type: Adventure Park

Fun Park

You can choose from a range of activities: alpine bob, zorbing, tubing, paintball, archery, bike rental center, animal-drawn carts, playground for kids, climbing walls and zip lines.

Location: Cluj
Type: Adventure Park

Edenland Park

This theme park has 12 tracks on trees with a unique security system in Romania. The routes have different degrees of difficulty, designed for both children from the age of 4 and those thirsty for adrenaline. More than that, you can relax having a beautiful bike ride through the woods or you can experience the thrill jumping from 15m. Besides that, Divertiland includes another novelty for Romania – houses in trees, totally functional, where you can stay and spend the most peaceful and pleasant nights.

Location: Bucharest
Type: Adventure Park

Paradisul Acvatic (Aqualand)

Being the largest pool complex in Transylvania, it is a genuine health and leisure center. It has 8 modern indoor and outdoor swimming pools, trampolines, slides, various saunas, fitness room, massage, relaxation grotto, sand volleyball court, covered football field, restaurants, terraces and over 1600 lounge chairs.

Location: Brasov
Type: Water park

Terra Park

The theme park has a number of attractions which include Z Force Tower, a platform that rises 53 meters high, a rollercoaster with a trail of 310 meters, and the Hydrolift, a water slide with boats that can climb up to 15 meters. It a family-friendly place, and it has lots of attractions for kids.

Location: Bucharest
Type: Amusement Park


A beautiful destination which makes for a perfect weekend getaway. You can stay overnight in one of the wooden cabins. There are a lot of activities you can try, such as riding, fishing, jumping on trampolines, archery, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, golf or paintball.

Location: Iasi
Type: Amusement Park

Aqua Magic

The first water park opened in Romania, it has many attractions, including twisters, slides with swim seats, tubes, jacuzzi, 9 swimming pools, river, 7 bars & restaurants, kamikaze and baby pool.

Location: Constanta
Type: Water park

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