Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Bucharest

Find out the best places to visit in Bucharest in order to enjoy your stay.
Thinking of visiting Bucharest?  A great way to discover Bucharest at its best through its wonderful places.

Best Places to Visit in Bucharest:

The Old Town

The historical center of Bucharest became, in the late years, a must see for all tourists visiting the capital, especially as it was almost entirely renovated. What was once the royal court of famous Dracula is now the hectic core of the city, a place full of bars, clubs, restaurants, and cafés. This place is crowded all day and all night long and is perfect for walking, shopping, eating and partying until dawn.

Village Museum

Romania is famous for its amazing countryside, full of traditions and customs. For those who want to capture the essence of all Romanian regions in just one day, the Village Museum is the place! This open-air museum is one of the largest of its kind in Europe. It hosts more than 300 architectural jewelry consisting of old peasant houses, barns, water mills, churches and other rural structures. Many of the buildings were brought piece by piece from villages all over Romania and then, carefully, they were reassembled, forming an interesting and captivating summary of the Romanian rural constructions evolution. Sometimes, especially in the summer, the museum hosts different crafts fairs and traditional music and dance festivals which are perfectly completing the whole picture.

bucharest village museum

Tiriac Car Collection

The attraction is top of our list of the best places to visit in Bucharest. Ion Tiriac is a Romanian public figure, a successful businessman, and a former professional tennis player. He owns the Mutua Madrilena Madrid Open and is part of International Tennis Hall of Fame. Above all, he is very passionate about cars. His private collection hosts more than 250 rare cars which are exhibited at Tiriac Car Collection, a museum close to Otopeni Airport. The catch is that the museum cannot exhibit more than 65-70 cars at once so the collection changes periodically. Every car has a small informative plate and the staff is really nice and well informed. What can you see there? All the 6 Roll Royce Phantom produced until 1972, the first generation of Ford Mustang or the eccentric 2009 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Stirling Moss Edition along with lots of Mercedes-Benz, Bentleys or Aston Martin.

old town bucharest

 Parliament’s House

This intriguing building is indeed a must see in Bucharest as it is one of its main landmarks. Beautiful or not, it still is the largest building in Europe and the 2nd largest in the world. Considered the peak of Ceausescu’s megalomania, the Parliament’s House has the privilege of being built and furnished exclusively with Romanian materials. Though the building is very impressive on the outside you should also get a guided tour for visiting the interior as the rich decorations and the huge rooms are simply amazing.

palace of the parliament front view

Antipa Museum

Kids will love this natural history museum and they will be definitely impressed by the huge whale and elephant skeletons. Antipa Museum is considered one of the best of its kind from Europe and is perfect for a half day quality time spent with family. The museum is displayed on three levels, presenting in a very dynamic way the Romanian and the world’s biodiversity. The butterfly collection is indeed impressive but all the exhibits tell a story and this makes the museum a delightful and educative place worth visiting.