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Small group tours of Romania

  • MAX. 7
  • 8 DAYS
  • schedule 05/04/2020

Classic Romania Tour

Take a tour of Romania and explore some of the best landmarks of the country, such as Bran Castle, Peles Castle, and Sighisoara. Throughout the trip, you will visit the regions of Maramures and Transylvania, as well as the capital city of Romania, Bucharest.
  • MAX. 6
  • 4 DAYS
  • schedule 01/04/2020

Transylvania Castle tour in four days from Bucharest

Explore the famous Peles Castle, Bran Castle and medieval cities of Brasov and Sighisoara in a 4-day Transylvania Castles Tour
  • MAX. 6
  • 10 DAYS
  • schedule 11/04/2020

Best of Romania in 10 days

Discover the best of Romania in a 10-day tour from Bucharest. Your tour will include visits to the most important landmarks and cities in the country, including Bran Castle, Transfagarasan highway, Corvin Castle, Brasov, Cluj-Napoca and more.

Private tours of Romania

  • MAX. 9
  • 8 DAYS
  • schedule 01/07/2020

Dracula beyond the legend - Eight days tour in Transylvania

Take an 8-day Dracula tour in Transylvania, visit some of the most important landmarks connected to Vlad the Impaler.
  • MAX. 10
  • 8 DAYS
  • schedule 15/05/2020

Eight days tour of Romania starting from Budapest to Bucharest

Romania private tour from Budapest to the regions of Transylvania and Bucovina. Bran Castle included.
  • MAX. 15
  • 6 DAYS
  • schedule 12/06/2020

Six days tour from Cluj-Napoca - Discover Maramures and Bucovina

Visit northern Romania in an unforgettable 6-day private tour and explore two of its most beautiful and well-preserved historical northern regions. You will tour Bukovina and Maramures, and you will discover their landmarks, people, culture, and dishes. Departure from Cluj.

Private day trips in Romania

  • MAX. 15
  • 1 DAYS
  • schedule 01/01/9999

Day trip from Iasi to the UNESCO Painted Monasteries in Bucovina

Visit the historical region of Bucovina in a private day trip from Iasi, explore the famous UNESCO Painted Monasteries, and discover the craft of black pottery.
  • MAX. 15
  • 1 DAYS
  • schedule 28/02/2020

Private Day Trip to Dracula Castle, Peles Castle and Brasov from Bucharest | Tickets included

Take a Dracula Castle tour in a private day trip from Bucharest and discover the legends and stories of Vlad the Impaler at Bran Castle. The trip also includes a visit to Peles Castle, the splendid Gothic style castle built by the first king of Romania, Carol I of Hohenzollern.
  • MAX. 15
  • 1 DAYS
  • schedule 19/03/2020

Turda Salt Mine and Alba Carolina Fortress Day trip from Cluj-Napoca

Take a private day trip from Cluj Napoca to Salina Turda, one of the coolest underground places in the world, and take a tour of Alba Carolina Fortress.

City tours in Romania

  • MAX. 15
  • 1 DAYS
  • schedule 01/01/9999

Half day Cluj-Napoca City Tour

Book a private city tour of Cluj and discover one of the largest cities in Transylvania. Cluj Napoca was named the European Youth Capital in 2015, and the tour includes a visit to the St. Michael Gothic Cathedral, a trip to the Banffy Palace, and a stroll on the Mirror Street.
  • MAX. 15
  • 1 DAYS
  • schedule 08/04/2020

Private Bucharest Communist Tour | Tickets for the Palace of the Parliament and Ceausescu House

Explore the traces of Ceausescu's regime in Romania in a Bucharest Communist Tour. Visit the Palace of the Parliament and Ceausescu's Residential Palace, two of the most important buildings of Bucharest's Communist era, and see what life looked like in a neighborhood built especially for the working class.
  • MAX. 15
  • 1 DAYS
  • schedule 22/09/2020

Jewish Heritage City Tour in Iasi

Take a Jewish heritage tour in Iasi and visit some of the first Jewish constructions in Romania.

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