Things to do in Sibiu

To do in Sibiu


Hello, everybody! I hope you had a beautiful and a relaxing weekend because it's time to enjoy a new list of unique experiences you can have, this time in Sibiu. It’s the third week since we started the campaign Travel tips – Things to do in Romania and we can still feel the energy like it’s the first week. The rush of visiting and exploring new destinations in Romania is running through our veins. What is there to eat, to see, to hike, to drink, to climb, to visit or to enjoy?

Sibiu, the city of famous craftsmen, is giving to its tourists' timeless stories since 1911. Old and new at the same time, Sibiu is the place where for centuries Romanians, Germans and Hungarians have been living together in harmony creating a rich cultural heritage. Sit comfortably and let’s discover what to do in Sibiu.


Find out what is the best way to spend your time in Sibiu:


1. Visit the Sibiu Christmas Market in December

Sibiu Christmas Market December

Since it comes the most beautiful time of the year I propose you to stop and visit the Christmas Market. Transylvania’s snow covered hills, breathtaking valleys, and shiny lights make a beautiful background to one of the biggest tourist attraction of the season in Sibiu. This year you can find 70 cottages exhibitors from across the country with carefully selected products.


Tip: It is a perfect place for families because there are activities for children who can participate in thematic workshops in Santa's workshop. Since Santa's Park proved to be an attraction both for children and for adults, this edition is preparing new attractions, especially for the Christmas Market.


2. Come and experience the best of jazz music and at Sibiu Jazz Festival

If you love music or jazz, in particular, this is the one event you cannot miss. Held in Sibiu every year, it is one of the most famous festivals of its kind in Romania, a member of the Europe Jazz Network. Such longevity is rare and is a genuine business card to Sibiu.


Tip: Every year the festivals brings together unusual art projects, varying in style and ethnocultural origin. This year, for example, it had concerts in flamenco – jazz style, music on groove, Cuban and African rhythms, shows with oriental influences, a new project with an enchanting mix of son, danzón, and jazz.


3. Look into the “eyes” of the city

Sibiu is known for its “eyes”, for its historical roof landscape, those semi-circular roof lights, heavily lidded by shingles. If in the Middle Ages witches were burned at the stake and criminals ended in the guillotine, legends are preserved today not only by men but also by what the buildings full of history are “saying”.


Sibiu Roof eyes


Tip: You should see the city through his eyes. Start walking in the city and exploring Sibiu though its small rooftop windows.


4. Explore one Saxon village near Sibiu, like Medias or Cisnadioara, to see the beautiful scenery

Here you can walk near the Saxon households that keep their old specific style, meet the kind locals.


Tip: In Cinasdioara you can visit the fortified church or if you find yourself here during an event, festival or concert is a great place to see how a small place can hold in harmony so many people together. In Medias you can visit the Saint Margareta Church, known for its leaning tower, but most of all you MUST try the wine from Medias. It was mentioned early in Bram Stoker's novel Dracula.


5. Step back in time when visiting the royal: Brukenthal Avrig Palace or Brukenthal National Museum

The first one was the summer residence of Baron Samuel von Brukenthal and the second one was his house, built by himself, now turned into a museum. In the museum, you can find a collection of museums: European art, the Brukenthal library, Romanian art, museum of contemporary art, the museum of history, the museum of natural history, the museum of pharmacy, the museum of hunting.


Brukenthal National Museum


Tip: If you want a romantic night you can have a table for two at Palatul Brukenthal Avrig by candlelight in a Baroque ambiance. If you visit the Brukenthal National Museum don’t forget your camera.


6. You must try the Sibiu cheese

Some say it is a specialty, prepared after a traditional recipe by skilled craftsmen. Its taste depends on several factors, like the composition of a pasture where sheep are taken, the processing and storage of the cheese.


Tip: In order to taste the authentic Sibiu cheese you must go to a traditional cheese shop.


7. Watch a movie during the International Film Festival at Sibiu– Astra Film Festival

It is the international film festival in Romania and is, also, a celebration of contemporary documentary film.


Tip: There is the possibility to a direct dialogue between the professional public and the public.


8. Rent a Vespa

Want to have an experience that you won’t forget?

Rent a Vespa and start discovering the history Sibiu in a unique way, on two wheels.


Tip: If you are a keen photographer and have a helmet camera take it and start your trip with a Vespa in Sibiu and its surroundings.


9. See the Media Music Awards

This is one of the largest music awards gala in Romania, the only music awards in the world based on broadcast radio and TV.


Tip: You get to see live lots of artists and performances in an electrifying atmosphere and an unforgettable fireworks show.


10. Visit the ASTRA Museum

Besides over 400 monuments of folk architecture and technique, the museum has an impressive collection of ethnographic heritage objects. All of them are very much appreciated. Conceived as a living museum, it organizes lots of events.


ASTRA Museum


Tip: Popular art galleries have a sales exhibition where you can buy genuine works of art from different parts of the country: ceramics, wooden toys, icons on wood or glass, carpets, costumes, and souvenirs.


Now that your trip has come to an end, sadly, we must say goodbye and we’ll meet again next time on our next adventure. Until then I’ll be waiting on Facebook, Twitter or Google + your stories :).

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