Turda Salt Mine

Visit Turda Salt Mine, one of Romania's most popular underground tourist attractions. This former mine, where salt was excavated by hand, has a rich history as a bomb shelter and warehouse for cheese. In the article "10 Of The Coolest Underground Places In The World" published on Business Insider, Turda Salt Mine proudly took first place.



Known as „Salina Turda”, the salt mine is dug in the Transylvanian salt deposits formed over 13 million years ago, and has been a site of salt mining for hundreds of years, first mentioned in 1075. Early miners used pickaxes, hammers, chisels, and steel wedges to extract salt, carrying it to the surface in wicker baskets and later in more modern vessels. Though they experimented with explosives, the finer salt produced wasn't suitable, so they returned to manual methods. The mine ceased operations in 1932.


Plan your visit to Turda Salt Mine and purchase your Turda Salt Mine tickets for an unforgettable experience. 


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Private Day Trip to Turda Salt Mine


Exploring the salt mines



Located in Durgău-Valea Sărată (Durgău – Salty Valley), Turda Salt Mine is a must-visit historical monument in Cluj-Napoca County. Thanks to the European Union's financial support, since 2009, Salina Turda has transformed into an underground amusement park and stands as one of Romania's top attractions. Make sure to secure your Turda Salt Mine tickets and explore this extraordinary site.


Hundreds of meters of underground salt galleries open into cathedral-sized halls. Key attractions include the Franz Josef Gallery, Iosif Mine, Crivac Room, Rudolf Mine, and the stunning Theresa Mine.


The Iosif Mine, a vast chamber standing 112 meters tall, is also known as the "Echoes Room" because of the powerful echoes generated by its isolation from other major mining points.


The Crivac Room is named after the "crivac," a unique tool used to lift salt rocks to the surface. It’s the only machine of its kind in Europe’s salt mines that remains in its original location, historically operated by horses.

The Theresa Mine is considered the most beautiful part of Turda Salt Mine. This impressive hall, 90 meters high and 87 meters in diameter, features a "cascade of salt," an underground salt lake where you can take a boat ride, and various stalactites and salt formations. In the middle of the lake, a small island shaped like a UFO offers a unique spot to relax and enjoy the sights.



Throughout the year, the interior temperature remains a constant 10-12 degrees Celsius, and the salty air offers therapeutic benefits, especially for respiratory problems. Plan your visit to Turda Salt Mine and experience the unique blend of history, natural beauty, and therapeutic wonders.


Interesting facts about Turda Salt Mine:


The continual exploration of the salt deposit at Turda began with surface mining during the Roman occupation in Dacia and later transitioned to deeper mining techniques. Visit Turda Salt Mine and uncover its rich history and therapeutic benefits.


Unlike other regions, prisoners were never used as a workforce in the Turda Salt Mine or anywhere else in Transylvania. Instead, free people were hired on one-year contracts, starting January 7th. A salt cutter earned 12 florins a year, and the group received a barrel of wine, an ox, and 100 loaves of bread on four major celebrations: Christmas, Easter, Ascension Day, and All Saints' Day.


If Turda captures your interest, be sure to visit the Turda History Museum and the Durgau Lakes as well.

Today, the Turda Salt Mine is popular among individuals with respiratory problems. Halotherapy, an alternative medicine practice, claims that salt inhalation can benefit various health conditions, primarily respiratory issues. Secure your Turda Salt Mine tickets and experience the unique combination of history, health benefits, and fascinating attractions at Salina Turda.


Underground amusement park


Besides its breathtaking views, fascinating history, and therapeutic wonders, Turda Salt Mine has now become an underground theme park. Visit Turda Salt Mine and experience the perfect blend of mystery and fun, creating a science-fiction atmosphere. Here’s how you can have fun at Salina Turda:


  • Discover new sights from the Ferris wheel.

  • Play mini-golf, bowling, billiards, or ping pong.

  • Explore the underground lake with boat rides.


Visiting hours:

Monday – Sunday From 09.00 to 18.00.


Ticket Prices:

Adults: 50 lei (60 lei on weekends).

Children/students: 30 lei.

Seniors: 30 lei.


Free / Reduced Admission

  • children under 3 years old have free entrance;
  • children and students have to prove with a document (license/passport) aimed at day.


Are you curious to find out more about the fascinating Turda Salt Mine? Dive deeper into its history, attractions, and therapeutic wonders by visiting the official website: https://www.salinaturda.eu/?lang=en


There, you can find detailed information about current events, schedules, and prices, ensuring you have all the details needed to plan your visit.


Beyond the Turda Salt Mine, Romania offers a wealth of exciting activities and destinations to explore. From picturesque castles and vibrant cities to stunning natural landscapes and rich cultural experiences, there's something for everyone. Discover more fun things to do in Romania and make your trip unforgettable.


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