5 most important things to know before you visit Romania.

Romania is a country of hidden gems when it comes to touristic attractions. Find out what are the essential information you need to know when you visit Romania.

Byzantine embroideries from Romania at Louvre Museum, Paris

As a part of Romania – France Season, Louvre Museum from Paris will host an exhibition of Byzantine-tradition religious embroidery from Romania, from 17th of April to 29th of April. The 26 pieces exhibition contains orthodox tradition pieces of religious art such as the Ecclesiastical Flag of Stephen the Great, The altar door curtain of Ascension, the tomb cover Maria de Mangop and the Epitaph of Gavriil Trotuşan.

Easter in Romania | The significance behind one of Romania's most important holidays

It's filled with history, myths and legends, colors, and joyful people that keep ancient customs and traditions alive, year after year. The delicious lamb meat and the egg tapping make the Easter dinner an unforgettable event, where families reunite and celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

Places to go from Bucharest

Bucharest is the capital of Romania and also the largest city in this country. Even though there are many options for entertainment here, you can choose from a variety of possibilities to change the air by touring the surrounding area. There is a vast offering of day trips and long tours to Bran Castle, Peles Castle, and many more.