Top 10 Castles in Romania

The castles in Romania are rich in history and surrounded by gorgeous natural sceneries. Discover some of the best Romanian castles, from the worldwide famous Peles Castle and Dracula's Castle to the imposing Corvin Castle, one of the largest in the country.

The Romanian blouse the most fashionable item in the Romanian clothing

The traditional Romanian blouse is called "ie", and it is one of Romania's most important pieces of folklore. With wide sleeves, traditional motifs, and natural colors, this blouse inspired many fashion designers, and it recently started receiving more and more international fame.

Discover the magic of Christmas in Romania

One of the most important holidays, when families and loved ones come together to spend the few precious days. From Christmas Caroling to cooking traditional dishes, Romania has a variety of customs that you can discover. Discover some of our traditions and we guarantee that you'll want to experience it!

Vlad the Impaler - The ruthless ruler of Wallachia

Vlad the Impaler is perhaps the most famous ruler of Wallachia, and he is widely known for being the inspiration beyond Dracula. Vlad was born in Sighisoara in 1431, but he spent most of his childhood in the Ottoman Empire, which he sought to destroy his whole life.