Humor Monastery – Painted churches of Moldavia

In the area with the highest density of UNESCO-listed monuments in Romania, surrounded by thick stone walls, stands the Humor Monastery. A small, cross-shaped church was built here in 1530. Red hues dominate the exterior frescoes showing scenes from the Lives of Saints, as well as significant moments from the locals’ lives, such as the wars with the Turks. In the tidy and flower-filled courtyard, silence reigns; the nuns here seem to live a life that is completely separated from the agitation outside the walls, a life that is the same as that of their spiritual sisters from centuries ago. In a place where time is defeated, where the passing of days and nights are measured in prayers, a new world opens to the soul of the visitor: the mundane and the daily bustle disappear, leaving room for meditation.

Visiting hours:

From dawn till dusk

Ticket Prices:

Adults: 5 lei
Filming fee (outside only): 10 lei
Filming is not permitted inside the Church