Top Instagram-worthy spots in Romania

Let’s face it. We all want to have a popular Instagram account with some amazing shots and thousands of followers. The good news is that Romania is filled with locations that can really make an impression. So if you’re planning a trip to Romania, make sure not to miss these amazing places.

1. Ciucas Peak

This is the highest peak of the Ciucaș Mountains, in the Southern Carpathians, and it has a height of 1,954 meters. The hiking track is ideal for beginners, and all you need is a good pair of boots and a raincoat. The easiest way to get there is by heading to Cabana Ciucas (Ciucaș Lodge) via DN1, although you’ll need an off-road vehicle since the terrain is quite steep in some places. Otherwise, you’ll have to hire a vehicle or leave your car at the base of the mountain and walk for about an hour. Once you reach the lodge, you’ll have to climb for approximately 2 hours and you’re there. And the view is totally worth it.

2. Transfagarasan

Definitely, the most famous road in Romania, and dare we say in the world, is Transfagarasan. This 90-km road was built through the Fagaras Mountains, and it reaches altitudes of over 2000 meters. Due to the altitude and the high risk of avalanche, the road is only open between July and October. So if you’re planning a road trip on Transfagarasan, make sure to do it during the summer.

3. Bucharest’s Old Town

Bucharest’s Old Town is known as the most important nightlife area in Romania. Filled with cafes, restaurants, clubs, and pubs, this place draws its energy from the thousands of tourists and students who populate it on a daily basis. But let’s not forget that this area is called “Old Town – and for good reason. Countless magnificent buildings delight the eye with their architecture. Make sure to visit them all!

4. Sighisoara

Ah, the beautiful Sighisoara. This medieval city is filled with colorful houses and cobblestone streets that you can’t help but capture in photos. Sighisoara is home to the last inhabited medieval citadel in the world, the Sighisoara Medieval Citadel, and its streets are filled with performers, merchants, and craftsmen that you can buy souvenirs from.

5. Maramures

We know. Maramures is quite large. But we simply can’t include only one small portion of it. The whole region is full of wonderful sceneries and peaceful villages where you can relax and break away from the daily routine. Visiting a village will make you feel like a time traveler who went back to the Middle Ages when life was so much simpler.

6. Stavropoleos

The Stavropoleos Monastery is an Eastern Orthodox monastery built in Bucharest in a Brâncovenesc style. The church was dedicated to St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel, and its name is derived from the Greek word “Stauropolis”, meaning “The city of the Cross”.

7. The Clay Castle in Valea Zanelor

Located only 40 kilometers away from Sibiu, Valea Zanelor looks like a place that was supposed to be part of a fairy-tale, but it somehow got mixed up and ended up in our Universe. Unfortunately, you currently can’t stay at the castle, but it can still be visited. And with its white walls and rounded roofs, even Bilbo Baggins will want to visit it.

8. The Sphinx

This natural rock formation located in the Bucegi Natural Park, at an altitude of 2,216 meters. Some legends claim that the rock was not formed by wind and erosion but rather carved by hand by the old Dacians. Nonetheless, it is a truly fascinating landmark and it can make up for some beautiful shots for your Instagram account.


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