Why traveling to Romania should be on your bucket list

1. Romania’s like a well-kept secret: it hides natural and cultural treasures of unparalleled beauty

First of all, traveling to Romania is a great plan, because the chances of you taking snapshots of a touristic attraction that also captures some foreign traveler with a backpack are slim to none. And that’s not because tourists haven’t got much to see in Romania. On the contrary, there are plenty of wonderful places or tourist attractions that have not been appropriately promoted and advertised: from unspoiled nature and medieval towns to castles and fortified churches, from interesting, elegant cities to authentic rural villages, Romania is a beautiful and diverse country.

2. It is the perfect place to enjoy unspoiled nature

One of the most famous Romanian sayings refers to the brotherhood between people and forests, underlining the bond, the relationship between man and nature since times immemorial. At present, Romania hosts most of the large European mammals (e.g. the Carpathian bear, the wolf and the lynx) and boasts large national parks and protected areas, the most famous being the Danube Delta, unique in terms of biodiversity.

3. People are friendly and hospitable

There are unforgettable moments when a simple, spontaneous gesture coming from a stranger can turn your day around. Hospitality doesn’t come just from staff in the catering industry, but rather from the locals, simple countryside dwellers who are ready to help. They can help you out if you get lost or when, for instance, you cannot find a restaurant nearby. If you’re traveling in the countryside, you may expect to be invited into their homes for a hot meal and a traditional drink.

4. It’s just a few hours away!

Although people generically tend to place Romania in the east of Europe, geographically speaking it is located in the center of the continent, just a few hours away from any European capital. By plane, it takes 2 hours to get to London and Paris and one hour to Viena or Berlin.

5. It is incredibly inexpensive

Although Romania is a member of the European Union, our prices are calculated in the local currency, the LEU (pl. lei), which makes it all cheaper. In museums, for instance, the average entrance fee is around 1.5 euro. More expensive tickets can reach 15 euros, including filming and photography fees and tourist assistance services. A lunch consisting of local cuisine in a bistro or restaurant in the historical center of Bucharest will cost around 6 euros but those with a limited budget can opt for fast food alternatives, up to 3 euros. In pubs or beer gardens a draft beer mug will cost you on average 1 euro while a glass of wine costs 2 euros. Can you beat that ?!

6. Romania is different

Very often, a place that is unique or novel is considered exotic. Romania is not an exotic country if your idea of exotic is Carribean-blue and sandy beaches, yet one can say it’s exotic in terms of breathtaking landscapes and an authentic culture and civilization that’s actually unique across the Old Continent. Romania is simply different and it provides opportunities for new and challenging travel experiences. 40% of the Romanian population lives in rural areas, the place where age-old traditions and customs have been preserved and passed from one generation to another, to this day. The best opportunity to witness and take part in unique, traditional rituals is around Christmas and Easter time.

7. Romania is original

Romania is much more than just Dracula! Bram Stoker’s creation was inspired by Romanian myths and legends, in fact by only a small part, as Romanian folklore is so rich and diverse that any movie scriptwriter would be envious on the locals’ creativity! With the only Merry Cemetery in the world, with a natural replica Sphynx and the passionate Latin temper of the inhabitants, Romania will definitely surprise you!

8. Try our delicious cuisine and exquisite wines!

Another aspect that makes traveling to Romania worthwhile is the savory cuisine which abounds in homegrown, organic foods. These days organic products have become as sought after as they’re expensive, yet few people know that most Romanian farmers have access to an impressive array of organic produce. Traditional agriculture has already proven its benefits worldwide and became an inexhaustible source of new tastes, all to be found in the Romanian cuisine. This concern for taste and a healthy lifestyle becomes obvious during family meals, often accompanied by plum brandy (a local spirit and a digestive drink at the same time) or a glass of wine. You’d be surprised to find out that our vines were praised by the ancient poets of Rome.

9. It’s what you expected and much more

Any popular destination impresses by at least one major tourist attraction that became famous around the world. Dracula’s castle? Peles royal castle? The picturesque mountains? Many travelers who choose Romania are lured by Dracula ‘s Castle or the medieval fortress of Sighisoara, only to discover many other interesting, worthwhile places: castles and fortified churches, interesting cities, hiking trails through unspoiled, beautiful mountain scenery.

10. Romania can hardly wait to welcome you

Romanian tourism has seen a spectacular growth in recent years, Romania itself being appreciated by the World Tourism Organization as one of the most attractive European countries, due to its tremendous potential. Encouraged by the prospects, more and more airlines have concluded contracts with Romania. Today, no less than 6 Romanian airports operate daily international flights. Travelers who worry about communicating with the locals needn’t be concerned. Statistics show that more than 50% of Romanians are conversant in at least one foreign language, especially English.