A romantic day trip for two from Bucharest to Sibiu

Guest post about a romantic trip for two in Sibiu, during the most beautiful period, winter.

For any couple visiting Romania and in search of a romantic and short getaway from the big city, the area surrounding the city of Sibiu has got to be one of the top options on the list. Close enough to the capital for a day trip for two, but very distinct when it comes to landscape and cultural background, Sibiu makes for an ideal morning-till-evening escape from Bucharest. It was the magic in the stories and uniqueness of the area what attracted David and I the most when deciding to rent a car and have a drive through this scenic area in late December.

sibiu bridge of lies

Why Sibiu?

Sibiu, now part of Romania, has a rich history, having had been under the Austro-Hungarian rule for centuries. The Saxon medieval influence left a great mark on its architecture, and one cannot easily forget the charming two story high stone houses with tiled roof tops, old city fortifications and watch towers. The city has also gone through an extensive restoration process in recent times, which helped enhance the beautiful city’s center in its original style. The narrow winding cobblestone streets, quaint plazas, colors of the city and smiling relaxed faces of locals transport a visitor to another time, centuries back, to a more peaceful and romantic age in history.

Sibiu’s Christmas market and other attractions

The magic of Sibiu shines through all seasons. The two of us chose to drive through Transylvania’s snow covered hills and breathtaking valleys and made it there in time to visit the Christmas market, which is one of the biggest touristic attractions of the city throughout the year. The market did not disappoint us one bit, we highly enjoyed the hot fresh snacks and delicious home made sweets, the mulled wine and even the rides offered in the city’s main square, which was covered in twinkly lights.

christmas market sibiu

Romantic day trip for two

We went up the watch tower located next to the square to see the city’s rooftops from up high. We walked down countless little streets holding hands, visited the Brukental museum, stopped in one of the many charming cafes and left late in the evening after darkness had already fallen, happy and relaxed, ready to face the challenges Bucharest’s city life after what felt like a romantic day long date.

Iulia is half of the team that runs the travel blog ThePinkMoustache.net . Along with David, her other half for the last two years, she is pursuing her lifelong dream of seeing the world. The two of them have been living together so far in 3 countries and visited much more. She is originally from Romania and the 10 months spent living there between 2013 and 2014 were dedicated to introducing David to the local culture and exploring the best bits of the country together.