Romania is a wonderful destination, and our main focus is to provide you with a qualitative experience, regardless of your preferences. But unfortunately, we can’t always achieve that through our pre-determined tours. But by choosing a custom tour, whether you want to adapt one of our tour packages to according to your needs or create an itinerary from scratch, we can help you create a private tour in Romania that will make up for the perfect vacation.

Important information:

  • This form is created to help us draft your tour. After completing it, one of our tour operators will contact you to develop the tour together with you. We will advise you regarding touristic attractions and visit order, but you make the final decision.
  • Depending on the size of the group, we can organize special events such as carriage rides or traditional Romanian weddings (for large groups only).
  • The tour can be self-driven or you can request an English-speaking, French-speaking or German-speaking tour guide;
  • Your tour can be thematic (e.g. photography tour) and it can include several special events such as traditional Romanian wedding, cooking classes or wine tasting;
  • The meals are optional. They can be offered upon request and they can be thematic such as traditional Romanian dinner, Italian dinner, etc.

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