The Danube Delta is the second largest and the best-preserved river delta in Europe. It became part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1991, and it is home to over 320 species of birds and over 1 million individual birds.

The area is inhabited by roughly 20,000 people, 4,600 of which live in Sulina, and the others are scattered in the remaining 27 villages, with only 3 villages having a population higher than 500. Besides being one of the best-preserved natural areas in Europe, the Danube Delta also has a rich cultural heritage. The presence of human living can be traced back to the year 5,000 BC, and many artifacts have been found in the area, of various origins, such as Byzantine, Greek, and Roman.

The Danube Delta is the perfect getaway location, where you can fully enjoy the beauty of nature.

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Danube Delta
From its sources in the German forests, the Danube travels over 2800 km, passing through four European capitals before flowing

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