Breb Village

Breb is a peaceful, untouched, traditional village with picturesque scenery.


Romania is a country that never ceases to amaze and each historical region has its own particular charm. There is no better way of discovering all the beauties within them than exploring on your own. There are some places that a tourist must see not only with his eyes but also with his soul and Maramures is, undoubtedly, a region that has conquered the hearts of thousands of tourists. It’s impossible not to be fascinated by the simplicity of Romanian rural living with this traditional village. Though, quite primitive in some ways, the fact they live so close to nature is simply amazing but, in a strange way, very familiar and normal. And if we take just a short glance into the past, we would see that not very long time ago, all Europeans used to live like that so, we all should be very grateful that in Romania we still have the possibility of experiencing the ancient way of living.


Romanian Village


Breb - one of the best preserved traditional villages from Maramures

Breb village from Maramures is such a place. Authentic, charming and 100% Romanian. Instead of expensive restaurants with fancy food, here you will find home-made dishes from fresh local products. Concrete and glass will never fit into the picture as only wood has life and breathes. The main streets of this traditional village are just tiny gravel roads while in the center you will never find a small but a coquette wooden church, a true witness of all the important events from the village. The people from here have their own way of talking, a bit loud but with a very warm voice. They all are friendly and respectful and aware of their role in the community. They know exactly how and how much to work, to rest and to party as life taught them that moderation is the key to a balanced and happy life.


Yes, Breb village is absolutely charming and has conquered even the heart of Prince Charles who bought here some traditional houses. Also, Duncan Ridgley, a former UK paparazzo, decided a few years ago that he wants to settle in Breb for good so he bought two old houses and transformed them into a nice hotel called The Village Hotel.




Breb is truly a place where you can find serenity and inner peace. The surroundings are delightful, dominated by the gripping Rooster Crest Peak, part of the volcanic mountains of Gutai. As expected, in Breb, you will also find the famous Maramures wooden gates, so skillful carved and decorated by the local craftsmen. The old traditions are highly respected and preserved and it’s quite common to see people going to church in traditional costumes. In winter time, when most of the work focuses on daily basis chores, women are weaving traditional wool carpets while men are wood carving different useful objects so, there is a large variety of authentic souvenirs!


In conclusion, try not to miss this heavenly place and let your instincts guide you into the magic of rural Romania!

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