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Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year, is the holiday that brings us together, dresses cities with lights, surrounds us with joy and happiness.


Romanian Christmas is not just about gifts, visiting friends and rich meals it is an entire laborious process in advance. The old and preserved traditions make this holiday more beautiful year by year. Starting from Ignat Day (December 20), starting with the preparation of the traditional pork specialties and the specific food and desserts, ending with the Christmas carols and the masked dances (The dances of the Bear, the Stag or the Goat). Romania has always found its way to conquer the heart of travelers, like the stories and traditions from Transylvania, that got it to be the first in top 10 region destinations in 2016, accordingly to Lonely Planet.


Christmas Romania


This year we would like to offer to Romanian a gift, a small sign of gratitude for everything that Romania represents, but mostly for what it could be. We want to show to foreigners a side of Romania that they don’t know. This is why we try to collect as many impressions from foreigners who celebrated Christmas in Romania, with their family, friends or simply as a guest. What better gift for Christmas than joy and a magical experience to share happiness?


This is exactly why we started a new campaign on our blog (oh the joy!) to show others why Christmas in Romania so special. Share your Christmas story in Romania is the name and the way it works it quite simple. We have the pleasure to receive comments and pictures from readers all around the Globe on our Facebook page, where they can share their Christmas story in Romania. So, if you, your brother, sister, mother, best friend, aunt or someone you know, spent the Christmas in Romania tell them to write to us.

The best stories will be published in a new article on the blog every week so that the whole world can admire your story


Share the joy! Share your Christmas story in Romania!

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