The Funniest Romanian Superstitions

Romania is the land where superstition and faith are dating and living together in harmony. It is a place with lots of contradictions, funny expressions, unique ways of celebrating the seasons and with a fascinating mythology and some of the most amazing legends and funniest Romanian superstitions.


1.  As the old Romanian saying goes, you shouldn't open your umbrella inside your house, because this brings bad luck.


2. A black cat cutting your path is also a sign of misfortune, but if the cat is headed towards you, your luck is about to change.


3. If you want to have a year full of good luck, one thing that you should definitely do is wear new clothes on Easter Day.


4. Be careful if your nose tickles because this usually means that someone is looking to get into a fight with you.


5. When your ears tingle it means that someone is saying bad things about you.


6. If you left the house but forgot something, don't even think about going back. If you do so, you're going to have a bad day.


7. If your left eye suddenly twitches, something or someone is going to disappoint you.


8. There are a lot of superstitions revolving crows too. Seeing a crow is a bad omen. But what if you see more than one? 2 crows mean luck, 3 crows mean health, 4 mean wealth, 5 foretell illness and 6 crows bring death. No one knows exactly what happens if you see more than 6 crows, but it certainly can't be worse than death, so don't worry.


9. Never leave your bag on the ground, as this means that you will lose money.


10. If you drop the comb, step on it 3 times. Otherwise, something very embarrassing is going to happen to you.


11. Never make payments on a Monday, or else you will give money away all week.


12. If it rains at your wedding it means you will have a happy marriage and a wealthy life.


13. If you stay in the corner of the table, you will never get married. In the same category enters the saying that if you sweep someone, she or he will never get married.


14. At least one window should always be opened at a funeral, to allow the spirit to leave.


15. Dropping the scissors is a bad sign as well, as this means that your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you.


16. If you bite your tongue while eating you probably deserve it. This usually means that you recently told a lie.


There are some strange sayings out there, but that is not all of them. Romania can surely surprise you. It is eccentric, strange and astonishing, all at the same time. It is the place of contradictions with funny expressions and funny Romanian superstitions.

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