Things to do in & around Iasi

Things to do in Iasi


Don't you love it when there are new things to discover in a city that you're visiting? So do we! And that is why we put together this post, to help you make the most out of your visit to the Moldavian capital; where it is, why you should consider visiting it, why is it important for Romania, things to do in Iasi, and the rest of whats, whys, and where that we could think of.


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1. Visit the impressive Palace of Culture Iasi

Palace of Culture

The Palace of Culture is the most iconic building of Iasi, and it was partly built on the ruins of the medieval Royal Court of Moldavia. Its style resembles the one of the Palace of Justice in Paris, and it features a stunning clock tower. The Palace of Culture houses the Moldova National Museum Complex, which has 4 wonderful museums: the Art Museum, Moldavia's History Museum, the Ethnographic Museum of Moldavia and the Science and Technology Museum.


Tip: Don't forget to bring your camera in order to take a picture near the cannons, that stood in the same spot for the last 124 years.


2. Visit the "Three Holy Hierarchs" Monastery

The "Three Holy Hierarchs" Monastery is an architectural monument of high value not only in Iasi but in all of Romania. It has an impressive architecture and extraordinary stone decorations which adorn the facades from the top to the bottom of the foundation with various motifs.


Tip: We recommend taking a couple of moments to rest on the bench near the church after you walk out. The atmosphere is so peaceful that you can't even tell that you're only a couple of feet away from the main boulevard.


3. Enjoy a play at the "Vasile Alecsandri" National Theatre

Known as the first National Theatre in Romania, the "Vasile Alecsandri" National Theatre shelters some true monuments of art: the painted curtain by the Viennese master M. Lenz, the iron curtain painted by Al. Goltz with ornamental motifs symmetrically arranged tightly separated from the restroom scene, and the painted ceiling by Al. Goltz. Numerous performances known worldwide have been staged here.




Tip: Currently, the building also houses the Opera House, so you can enjoy an evening with harmonious rhythms instead.


4. Taste the local wine at the Gramma Wine Cellars

The Gramma vineyard was built following the model of the family vineyards in the Provence region. The Gramma winery produces an exquisite range of noble wines, and here you can talk with the family and get an insight into the production of wine.


5. Read a book in the Palas Mall Park

Palas Mall Park

With the Palace of Culture and the Palas Mall nearby, the park is by far one of the most popular places in the city. Characterized by its large green spaces and water fountains, the park is the perfect spot to grab a coffee and enjoy a good book.

The park also has a small lake, and you can sit by it and eat some street food or just relax in the shade of the exotic trees.


6. Enjoy a city view from the Relay Platform

Want to soak up the atmosphere of the city? We have just the perfect spot for you. The Bucium relay platform offers a stunning view over the city of Iasi and it can be enjoyed at any time of the day, or even during the night.


Tip: In the summer, you can perform all kind of recreational activities, have a picnic or even camp overnight.


7. Visit Bojdeuca lui Creanga

Bojdeuca lui Creanga

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Ion Creanga was a well-known Romanian writer, raconteur, and schoolteacher. When he stayed at Bojdeuca he was best known for his more than 30 cats (he was a cat person before it was cool) and each one of them wore a name associated with a real person in his life. Bojdeuca is the first literary museum from Romania.


Tip: This is a very kid-friendly spot. Throughout the year the place holds various workshops and events related to storytelling, handicrafts, drama, nutrition, health, and more.


8. Spend an evening at the Hamak Adventure Park

Hamak is the only adventure park in Iasi, and you can enjoy a large range of activities, such as horseback riding, hiking, zip lining, fishing, archery, badminton, cycling, mini golf, paintball and more.

The place also has several small wood cabins which can be rented overnight, so you can enjoy a delicious barbecue and a cold beer without worrying about having to drive back in town.


9. Visit one of the most beautiful libraries in the world

most beautiful libraries in the world

Photo source: Adevarul


The “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University Library has been named by many, one of the most beautiful libraries in the world, together with libraries like the New York Public Library, The City Library from Stuttgart, Bibliothèque Nationale De France, Biblioteca Real Gabinete Portugues De Leitura from Rio De Janeiro.


10. Fly over Iasi

For those in search of more of an adventurous experience, for just around 100 euro you can fly over the city with a glider, with one of the many qualified and experienced pilots.


11. Take a day trip to one of the surrounding areas

Since Iasi is the largest and most important city in the North-Eastern part of Romania, there are several regions which you can explore while departing from the cities. A day trip to Bukovina will help you discover one of the best preserved historical regions in Romania in terms of culture and tradition. The UNESCO Painted Monasteries of Bukovina are a landmark that you can't miss, and a walk around Gura Humorului will help you get away from the daily routine and forget about all of your problems, at least for a while.


Voronet Monastery Mural
Voronet Monastery Mural


From Iasi, you can also explore the neighboring Republic of Moldova with a day trip to Chisinau. The Moldovan capital is only 150km away from Iasi, and in Moldova, you will find the largest wine cellar in the world, Milestii Mici. It stretches over an area of 200km, and it is filled with nearly 2 million bottles of wine.

Another destination for an unforgettable day trip is the Neamt area. You can visit the Bison Reservation in Vanatori-Neamt, take a trip to the remarkable Neamt Citadel, or take a tour of the mountainous city of Piatra Neamt.


Neamt Bison Reservation
Neamt Bison Reservation


If you're feeling adventurous, you can start exploring the city by yourself or book a spot on our Daily Iasi City Tour. If you're looking for something a bit more different, we recommend a Bike Tour of Iasi and its surroundings, which will take you not only to the most important landmarks of the city but also to the hills surrounding it.

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