Why Romania is a great incentive travel destination

The world of incentive travel is continuously evolving, and businesses are constantly looking for new and exciting destinations to take their staff every year. And while some destinations might never lose their popularity, new ones are emerging each year.

And one of them is Romania.

Besides the countless touristic attractions that you can visit in Romania (such as Bran Castle, Peles Castle, the historical regions of Transylvania and Bukovina, or the medieval towns and villages), there are countless other reasons why you should consider Romania as an incentive travel destination for 2018.


Here are 5 of them.


1. Great flight routes

There are numerous airports in Romania, and there are commercial airlines that connect them to every other major airport in the world.

There are 14 international airports in Romania, but these are the most important of them:

  • Bucharest – Henri Coandă Airport | OTP
  • Cluj-Napoca – Avram Iancu International Airport | CLJ
  • Iași – Iași International Airport | IAS
  • Timișoara – Traian Vuia International Airport | TSR

The Bucharest airport has the largest number of connecting flights, and it is usually the best option out of all 4, as it takes you directly to the capital of Romania.


Travel to Romania

Otopeni Airport

Although, if you’re planning to reach the North-Western part of Romania (Transylvania and Maramures) without spending several hours on a road trip, you should definitely get a direct flight to the airport in Cluj-Napoca.

The Timisoara airport is the perfect choice for a trip in the South-Western part of Romania, and if you plan on visiting the North-East of Romania (Bukovina and Moldova), Iasi is the airport that you should choose.


Note: Most of the airports are located outside the city, so you will need to take a cab or request a private airport transfer.


2. Energetic nightlife

Even though Romania is widely renowned for its numerous cultural and historical landmarks, once night settles in, some of Romania’s largest cities become a true nightlife hotspot.


Party Bucharest
Party in a club in Bucharest

And the perfect example is Bucharest, especially the Old Town. Tens of pubs and clubs are all crammed in the narrow streets of the city, and once the sun goes down, you can hear the music blasting from all around you, especially during Fridays and Saturdays.

And partying in Romania isn’t that expensive either.

While some clubs or pubs might ask for a small entrance fee, many of them don’t, and usually, the fee is somewhere around €5. The drinks are quite cheap as well, with a beer varying from €2 to €4 and a cocktail going for around €4 or €5.

Besides Bucharest, another popular nightlife destination is the area surrounding the Black Sea, with numerous touristic resorts such as Vama Veche or Mamaia.


3. Amazing local dishes and drinks

Romania is a destination that shouldn’t be left out of the list of any food enthusiast.

Most of the traditional dishes revolve around meat, especially pork, and while they might have a somewhat familiar taste, we guarantee that they take you by surprise.

Romanian cuisine was inspired by numerous kitchens such as the Hungarian, Turkish, or Russian, but all of those dishes were reconstructed using local herbs and spices.

Besides the already well-known cabbage rolls (sarmale) and mici (meat rolls), some Romanian dishes that you should try are the Moldavian stew (tochitură moldovenească), cighiri, or even the eggplant salad.


Romanian food


Talking about drinks, the homemade wine, țuică, or palinka are some of the items that can never miss from a traditional household. Most of the people that live in the countryside prepare their own alcoholic drinks, and they're always willing to share them with you.

And not to mention that a strong glass of palinka works best before an authentic Romanian meal.


Romanian drinks

Romanian palinka

4. Active Experiences

With the Carpathian Mountains covering a large area of Romania, there is never a shortage of team building outdoor activities that can be performed, no matter where you are.

The mountains and national parks in Romania provide some amazing trekking and hiking routes, and you can spend the night at a local lodge or you can set up your tent and sleep in one of the numerous camping spots. Some of the destinations that you should consider are the Bucegi Mountains, the Piatra Craiului National Park, or the Retezat National Park.


Hiking in Retezat

Hiking in Retezat

If you’re not that big of a hiking fan, you can also go rafting on the Olt Valley. The Olt River is one of the largest and most spectacular ones in Romania, and it provides numerous routes of various difficulties, fit for both beginners and professionals.


Rafting on the Olt River

Rafting on the Olt River

And if you find yourself in Romania during the colder seasons, worry not. There are numerous resorts where you can practice all sorts of winter sports, from skiing and snowboarding to snow-tubing. Some of the most well-known resorts are Sinaia, Azuga, Poiana Brasov, and Predeal.


5. International hotel chains

In Romania you can find all of the major hotel chains, so you can enjoy the comfort of a 4-star or 5-star accommodation after a long day of adventure or a long night of partying.


JW Marriott Hotel.

JW Marriott Hotel. Photo source: booking.com

There are over 170 hotels in Bucharest alone, and some of the international chains that are present here are Ramada, Radisson Blu, Hilton, and JW Marriott.


Creating the best incentive programs

Organizing an incentive trip is hard, and it isn't all only about the destination.

At Rolandia, we always want to help create unforgettable experiences for our customers. If you're planning to organize an incentive trip for your staff, we'd be delighted to help. All you have to do is send us an inquiry through this short form, or give us a call at +40 31 7800 236.

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