We discover, we feel and we enjoy Romania since… ever, so now it’s time to spread the passion to the entire world.

Our main goal is to showcase the country in its purest form, so you can discover the culture, the people, and the places of this absolutely fascinating country oftentimes called the hidden treasure of Eastern Europe.

Our team combines the diversity as naturally as Romania’s landforms. So we never get bored. Some of us are more strategical, others more eagerly to go on trips, others are more comfortable but their mind wonders in the world of ideas. We all have one thing in common: our passion for Romania.







Why Rolandia

Because every traveler deserves to explore Romania at its best.

We’ll reveal the beauties of Romania based on your needs, desires, budget and time. Also, you can always choose between a group travel, private guided tours or individual travel.

What we do

Custom tours

Even if you are a solo traveler, traveling with family or friends, we will be more than happy to get creative and think about new ways to explore Romania, according to your preference, budget, and time.

Incentive trips

Reward your employees and make them the main characters in a new and intriguing story. Book an incentive experience in Romania that your team will never forget!

Group travel

The joy of traveling it’s better when you share your experiences. That’s why our vacation packages for groups are designed to help you meet new people and share the joy of discovering a new country together with them.

Individual travel (F.I.T)

This is your chance to widen your horizons and enjoy your travel experience to its fullest. Accompanied by an experienced local guide you can learn more about Romania and get more insight about its culture, places, and people.

What recommends us

Romania for a
sustainable future

Reducing Carbon

10% of our profits go into our Foundation (ROVIS), primarily focused on conservation and reforestation in Romania. Following sustainable travel principles for all our trips, we’re looking to conserve and develop the last virgin forests in Europe.

Supporting local communities

Romania has one of the largest rural populations in Europe, strongly affected by mass migration to western Europe, resulting in the depopulation of villages and imbalances in community life, especially among kids. We don’t encourage mass tourism. By supporting the local business from rural areas, we contribute to stability, life quality, and education of new generations that appreciate their culture, having the chance of keeping their ancestor trvectorsmart1aditions.

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