How some Romanians helped the world to be a better place

Over the time, many Romanians have given the whole world their knowledge, brought respect to Romania and significantly contributed to the construction of a positive image of Romania in the Western countries.

Why can Romania be a model for sustainable tourism?

Why can Romania be a model for sustainable tourism? We have tried to find several factors which we will discuss in this article: local eco food, eco-friendly houses, proper use of water resources and the essential thing that nature is part of our lives.

What are Green Tourism, Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism?

Responsible travel is becoming more and more important for the environment and for the social-economic well-being of the countries. For all of us, to travel in a more sustainable manner has become an important habit and we are here to encourage the development of sustainable travel in Romania.

4 must to read books about Romania

Before we travel to a new country, we are curious to learn something new about it. We compiled 4 of the books about Romania that really describe the history, traditions, people and more.