Visit both Bucovina and the Republic of Moldova in a private four days trip from Iasi.


By booking the tour, you will contribute to our goal to support the local communities. Buying handcrafted souvenirs, trying home-made food, and sleeping in the most eco-friendly places in Romania, will encourage the locals to preserve their traditions, keeping Romania a sustainable travel destination.


Four days tour to Bucovina and the Republic of Moldova

Travel to the Republic of Moldova from Iasi, visit Cricova Winery, climb towards the Tipova monastery and enjoy a quaint visit at Voronet Monastery in Bucovina.

Trip Activities

Travel to the Republic of Moldova from Iasi, visit Cricova Winery, climb towards the Tipova monastery and enjoy a quaint visit at Voronet Monastery in Bucovina.


Take a walk around the city center in Chisinau


Visit the Painted Monasteries, UNESCO World Heritage Sites

wine tasting

Try the Moldovan wines in two of the most famous wineries: Cricova and Milestii Mici


Departure from Iasi to the Painted Monasteries in Bucovina

You will be picked up from your hotel by your guide and start the journey in old Moldavia to beautiful Bucovina, a remarkable land, with old villages inhabited by Romanians who look like they’ve stepped out of a history book. Included in UNESCO World Heritage, the monasteries are some of the best-known historical sites in Romania and a must-too-see while in Bucovina.


Your first stop of the day will be at Voronet Monastery, the most famous of the Bucovina Monasteries and known as the Sistine Chapel of the East. Its southern wall features the best-preserved Last Judgement fresco in Romania. The next monastery is Moldovita Monastery. Often called ’A Parchment in Red’, the exterior frescos imply colors, which are mainly yellow ochre combined with amazing hues of red, blue, and green.


Along with the ones at Voronet, Moldovita Monastery’s frescoes have best preserved their colors, which are astonishingly fresh and vivid. Sucevita Monastery is chronologically the last monasteries to be decorated in the famous Moldavian style as it has the appearance of a real fortress, with towers, buttresses, and watch roads, a true masterpiece for Romania’s patrimony. The church preserves the Moldavian Architectural Style that combines elements from the Bizantine and Gothic art with various motifs of the old wooden churches built in Moldova. The dominant colors of the frescoes are purple, red, and blue. They appear against an emerald green background, defining as an amazing chromatic effect.


For nearly 200 years, the City of Suceava was the capital of medieval Moldova and the primary residence of the Moldovan Rulers. The City was the capital of the lands of Stephen the Great, one of the most prominent figures in Romanian history, who died in Suceava in 1504. Suceava Fortress, The Princiary Court, and the Mirăuți church are the highlights of the city tour. 


Overnight in Suceava


Suceava – Soroca Citadel – Chisinau City Tour

On the second day of the tour, you will cross the border to the Republic of Moldova, the country with some of the best wines and one of the biggest wine producers in the World. Formerly part of the Kingdom of Romania, the Republic of Moldova is now our beloved neighboring country. 


The main attraction of the day will be Soroca Citadel. Located in the north of the country, the citadel was a part of the defense system of Moldova. At the end of the fifteenth century, Stephen the Great takes the decision to build a fortification near the Nistru river. The citadel has a perfectly circular shape, with high and thick walls. The circumference of the walls is interrupted by five defense towers at equal distances between them. The fortress is the only medieval monument in Moldova, which was preserved as it was designed by the craftsmen.


Later you will arrive in the capital city of Moldova, Chisinau, known as the City of white stone, being the commercial, cultural, and social center of Moldova. Your tour will include the Triumph Arch, also known as the Holy Gate, Stephen the Great Park, and the flea market.


Overnight in Chisinau

Orheiul Vechi – Tipova Monastery – Cricova Wine Tasting

Departure to Monastery Horodiste of the Complex Tipova, 100 km from Chisinau, one of the most beautiful in the country and the largest monastery in Europe among cave monastery, carved into the rock by volume and second in the World after Monastery in Cappadocia, Turkey. It is a great advantage; differentiation can be intensely promoted as the main tourist attraction. The museum complex Old Orhei is a system of historical monuments and natural landscapes. It consists of a few promontories. Visit Orhei Vechi Monastery.


Next on your itinerary is Cricova Winery, situated at a depth of 50-80 meters, representing a real underground city. The Moldovan cellars where Vladimir Putin keeps his wine are so big you need to drive through them. In this unique place, you will have to opportunity to discover the steps to wine tasting and try a selection of the great range of wines.


Overnight in Chisinau

Chisinau – Milestii Mici – Capriana Monastery – Iasi

After check-out, you will visit Milestii Mici - the largest underground wine cellar in Moldova. It has more than 200 km of limestone tunnels, 55 km of which are used for storing wine. The tunnels’ depth varies from 30 to 85 m below ground. In the center of the cellar complex is a large restaurant and tasting complex. The tasting halls are luxuriously decorated, accented by water, stone, and wood features. The walls are made from natural sea shell rock, skillfully illuminated.

Your last visit will be at one of the oldest and most beautiful monuments in Moldova, Capriana Monastery. For a long time, the monastery was the residence of the Metropolitan of Moldova, and it was patronized by many Rulers of Moldova, including Stephen the Great.

After visiting Capriana Monastery, we will head back to Romania, and at about 15:00, you will arrive in Iași.

What's included


  •   Professional-English speaking guide
  •   Entrance fees for the sights included in the itinerary
  •   Accommodation for 3 nights in centrally located 4* hotels
  •   Transportation with a modern vehicle
  •  Two wine tasting sessions
  •  Breakfasts

What's not included

  •   Airline tickets
  •   Travel insurance
  •   Meals, other than mentioned in the itinerary and alcoholic beverages
  •   Entrance fees to monuments/sights other than those mentioned in the itinerary
  •   Photography Fees
  •   Various expenses such as room service, beverages, personal calls, souvenirs etc.

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  • Safety

    Both Romania and the Republic of Moldova are ranked as some of the safest countries in Europe.

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Four days tour to Bucovina and the Republic of Moldova

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