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Romania for a
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Joining this trip will redirect 10% of our profits
to Rovis projects that support the sustainable
development of Romania.
All projects support the local communities
and ecosystems following the UN
Sustainable Development Goals.

Private Dracula Castle Tour, Peles, and Brasov

At some point, probably all of us wished that vampires existed. And finding out they're just as fictional as fairies and unicorns can be quite disappointing. But not all hope is lost! A Dracula's Castle tour will help you re-discover the blood-sucking creatures that kept us awake at night. Your journey of discovering Dracula will begin with a road trip from Bucharest, and you will make your first stop in Sinaia. Here, you will visit the magnificent Peles Castle, the former summer residence of the Romanian Royal Family. You will then head to Bran, where the real Dracula's Castle awaits. A tour of Bran Castle will help you discover the legend of Vlad the Impaler, the infamous Transylvanian Prince that once ruled these lands. Your day trip from Bucharest will end with a visit to the medieval city of Brasov. Here, you will take a walking tour of the city and explore its most popular touristic landmarks: The Council Square and The Black Church.

Trip Activities


Visit the famous Peles Castle, the residence of the Romanian Royal Family


Discover the history and legend surrounding the Black Church

count Dracula

Uncover the legend of Dracula with a full Dracula’s Castle Tour


Peles and Bran Castle

Your Dracula's Castle Tour from Bucharest starts in the morning when our English-speaking guide will pick you up at the reception of your hotel. Your first destination is Sinaia, a small mountain resort in the Carpathian Mountains. In order to reach it, you will take a road trip through one of Romania's hotspots for winter sports, Prahova Valley.

Once in Sinaia, you will visit Peleș Castle, the sumptuous Royal castle, built by the first king of Romania, Carol I of Hohenzollern. Peles Castle served as a summer residence for the Romanian Royal Family until it was seized by the Communist regime, in 1947.


Next on your itinerary is Bran Castle, one of the most famous medieval castles in the world, also known as Dracula’s Castle. During your tour of Dracula's Castle, your guide will help you uncover the Legend of Dracula, and you will find out all about the connections between Vlad the Impaler and to Bram Stoker's famous novel, Dracula.


Did you know? There is a village museum located near Bran Castle, where you can discover some traditional Romanian houses.


Your private tour will continue with the medieval city of Brasov. Brasov was founded by the Teutonic Knights in 1211 and it exudes a distinct medieval ambiance. Walking through the Council Square, you will reach the Old Town Hall situated right in the center.


Tour highlights

Peles Castle
Peles Castle was built in the 19th century, according to the specifications of King Carol I, and it soon became the royal residence of the Romanian Royal Family. Its architecture combines the German style with the Italian Neo-Rennaissance one, and it holds no less than 160 rooms.

King Carol was very passionate about architecture, thus, numerous rooms were designed and furnished according to various European architectural styles. The estate was used as a private retreat for statesmen from the entire world.

Among the personalities that visited the Peles Castle are the American president Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and PLO leader Yasser Arafat.


Important information: During winter, Peles Castle is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, and during the rest of the year it is only closed on Mondays.


Dracula's Castle (Bran Castle)
Bran Castle is by far the most famous castle in Romania. Set atop a 60-meter cliff, it was built in the 13th century and it owes its fame to the myth created around Bram Stoker's character, Count Dracula, hence the name of Dracula's Castle.

The rooms of the castle are connected through narrow stairways and underground passages which contribute to the eerie atmosphere of the castle. Bran Castle was the favorite home and retreat of Queen Marie, and after her death, it was inherited by her daughter, Princess Ileana, who ran a hospital there during World War II.

Today, the castle is a museum that displays art and furniture collected by Queen Marie throughout her life.

Your tour of Dracula's Castle is standard.


Fun fact: Vlad the Impaler had almost nothing to do with Bran Castle, and there is no record of him ever visiting it.


The Black Church
This Gothic-style church is set in heart of Brasov, right in the historic center of the city. Its construction began in the late 14th century, and it was completed soon after 1476, in a Gothic architectural style.

In the 17th century, the church was destroyed by a great fire set by the invading Habsburg forces, its walls turning black, and giving it the name of "Black Church".

It was then repaired with the help of numerous masons, and it was completed in a Baroque style.


Starting time: 08:00 AM

Trip duration: 12 hours

What's included

  •   Transportation with a modern vehicle
  •   Professional English-speaking guide
  •   Entrance fees for Peles Castle and Bran Castle
  •   Hotel pickup and drop-off
  •   Bottle of water

What's not included

  •   Lunch (approx 13 Eur)
  •   Entrance fees to monuments/sights other than those mentioned in the itinerary
  •   Photography Fees


Good to know

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  • Special notes

    Tour duration - approximately 14 hours if there will be any traffic jams

    Accessibility is limited, due to the steps in Bran Castle.

    If any attraction cannot be visited for reasons beyond our control, the attraction will be replaced on-site

  • Departure

    You will be picked up at 8:00 AM

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