5 most important things to know before you visit Romania.

Romania is a country of hidden gems when it comes to touristic attractions. Find out what are the essential information you need to know when you visit Romania.

Where is Transylvania & what’s to do there?

Travelers, Dracula fans, vampire hunters, paranormal enthusiasts or culture-passionate people from around the world have always had an interest in Transylvania. Maybe it is because of Bram Stoker's Dracula novel or the way it is revealed in Media and the pop culture that formed around it, but besides the thrills, the visitors always find a place with amazing sights, picturesque sceneries, welcoming locals and stories to remember.

5 Amazing Things You Can’t Miss This Spring in Romania

In Romania, spring comes with sunny weather, lots of flowers, warmth and emotion. Even more there are lots of customs and traditions that give this season a fairy tale vibe.

Events and Festivals in Romania - 2019

Have you ever been to a festival or event in Romania? If you haven't, you really missed out. We are really good at having fun, and more important, at making guests having a blast. We have a special ingredient that we use but you have to find out for yourself. Romania is a land of diversity and that's a good reason to make more and more events and festivals, to embrace all the tastes.