The ethnic mosaic is enhancing local culture

In Romania, different ethnic minorities exist and coexist with the locals, having traditions, traditional recipes, and crafts, making tourism more sustainable and diverse and also helping the local community.

How some Romanians helped the world to be a better place

Over the time, many Romanians have given the whole world their knowledge, brought respect to Romania and significantly contributed to the construction of a positive image of Romania in the Western countries.

4 must to read books about Romania

Before we travel to a new country, we are curious to learn something new about it. We compiled 4 of the books about Romania that really describe the history, traditions, people and more.

Where is Transylvania & what’s to do there?

Travelers, Dracula fans, vampire hunters, paranormal enthusiasts or culture-passionate people from around the world have always had an interest in Transylvania. Maybe it is because of Bram Stoker's Dracula novel or the way it is revealed in Media and the pop culture that formed around it, but besides the thrills, the visitors always find a place with amazing sights, picturesque sceneries, welcoming locals and stories to remember.