Immerse Yourself in the Enchanting World of Romania

Iele – the Ladies of the Woods

In Romanian mythology, the Iele are mythical creatures similar to the Nymphs and Dryads found in Greek mythology. Oftentimes people claim to see them at night, dancing Horas naked in the moonlight, with bells on their ankles and candles in their hands.

Haunted Romania – the Land of Moroi

In Romania people still believe in vampires, here they are named moroi. Haunting the villages and the communities, the moroi make a lot of damages

Saint Andrew – the Protector of Wolves

Every year on November 30th, Romanians celebrate Saint Andrew, the patron of the country and the apostle that visited Romania to spread Christianity. But in ancient times, the old Dacians celebrated Santandrei, an old and powerful wizard (solomonar), the master and protector of wolves.

The fates-first divine creatures to interact with humans

In Romania, the Fates have a quite special status as they are the first divine creatures to interact with humans. Find out more.
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