Immerse Yourself in the Enchanting World of Romania

Welcome to the enchanting world of Romania, a land of majestic mountains, tranquil landscapes, and diverse wildlife that inhabits the wild Danube Delta. Our country is a treasure trove of captivating traditions and warm people, where every corner promises a new discovery. Experience the rich tapestry of our cultural heritage, the delight of our hearty cuisine, and the taste of our internationally-acclaimed wines.

From ancient castles to bustling cities and the untouched beauty of our nature, Romania offers unforgettable experiences for adventurers, history buffs, foodies, and nature lovers alike.

Join us as we uncover the many joys Romania has to offer in our upcoming blog posts. And if we inspire you to begin planning your trip, please browse our selection of Romania Tours.

10 Most Famous Romanian Women from Now and Then

Women all over the world are seen as symbols of beauty and kindness. We have selected 10 amazing Romanian ladies for you, five from the past, with incredible life stories, and another five, from the present time, that are still charming us with their talents and achievements.

Queen Marie of Romania

The queen that made the golden dream of the Romanians to become a reality. She fought like a real warrior that she was, she loved with the soul of an artist and she nutured her country like a carring mother.

Vlad the Impaler - The ruthless ruler of Wallachia

Vlad the Impaler is perhaps the most famous ruler of Wallachia, and he is widely known for being the inspiration beyond Dracula. Vlad was born in Sighisoara in 1431, but he spent most of his childhood in the Ottoman Empire, which he sought to destroy his whole life.

History of Dracula, and the connection with Transylvania

Discover the history of Dracula, and of his connections to the land of Transylvania. Bram Stoker never visited this historical region, but many say that he got inspired by the infamous Vlad the Impaler. Find out the true story of the vampire lord, and see how he became Romania's most famous brand ambassador.
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