5 Amazing Things You Can’t Miss This Spring in Romania

Spring is one of the best seasons of all time and Romania is one of the lucky places to still have the four seasons. It is the season when everything comes back to life, blooms and gets ready for a new year.

Spring months bring, besides emotion and warmth, many customs and traditions meant to mark a new beginning, hope and the rebirth of nature.

Here’s 5 of the most amazing things you shouldn’t miss this spring in Romania!



Romanian Martisor


Considered to be one of the most beautiful traditions that Romanians still keep, Martisor is the symbol of spring and it is celebrated on the 1st of March. The central piece of this tradition is the red and white piece of string called Martisor, which women and girls receive and wear during March as a sign of spring’s arrival. Together with the Martisor, spring flowers are often offered, the most representative being the snowdrop.

Tip: If you travel to Romania in March, don’t forget to try the local pastry named Mucenici, which is served only on the 9th of March.


Daffodils Glade (Poiana Narciselor)

Daffodils Glade Dumbrava Vadului

Photo source: Wikipedia


If you are in Brasov in May, you should definitely consider a day trip to Vad, a small village in Fagaras, to admire this beautiful protected area. The ‘Dumbrava Vadului’ Natural Reservation, also known as Poiana Narciselor is the largest in Europe and it’s the only place in Romania where you can admire millions of bloomed daffodils. A walk in this beautiful smelling glade will be like a dream!

Tip: While in Fagaras, don’t miss the Fagaras Fortess!


Comana Park – Neajlov Delta

Comana Park Neajlov Delta

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Situated 30 km away from Bucharest, Balta Comana is the third wetland in the country after the Small Balta of the Braila and the Danube Delta. For those who reach Comana and want to enjoy the water, they can admire the beauty of nature by a boat or kayak ride.  If you are a lover of the forest, you can walk alleys that wind up through the forest and enjoy the tranquility and greenery. There is also a reservation of thorns, located at the northern limit of the natural spreading area, and a Romanian peony reservation, which can be admired only during spring.

Tip: Visit Comana Monastery, built during Radu Serban (1588) on the ruins of a monastery founded by the famous Vlad Ţepes!


Palace of Culture in Iasi

Palace of Culture Iasi Iasi Tour


The Palace of Culture Iasi is always a nice place to visit! The palace kept the same location as the Princely Court of Moldavia from 1434 and it was built, rebuilt and reshaped over the centuries. The Neo-Gothic, Neo-Baroque and even Art Nouveau elements of architecture in which is designed, make the Palace of Culture a must see in Iasi!

Tip: While in Iasi, visit the oldest Botanical Garden in Romania: Gradina Botanica „Anastasie Fatu”!


Junii Brasovului

Junii Brasovului

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The Parade is one of the most famous events taking place annually in Brasov, the first Sunday after the Orthodox Easter, also called Sunday of Tomah. Each time, thousands of locals and tourists are attracted to Brasov to admire and learn more about the tradition inspired by the Dacians.

Originally, the fest signifies the resurrection of nature, the overcoming of winter and the beginning of a new life. This habit is, in fact, a military initiation of the "juni" meaning "young, unmarried men".

Tip: If you want to admire the full parade, make sure you are in the old town at 10:00 AM!

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