Best places to visit in Romania in the winter

Winter in Romania can get pretty cold, depending on the zone that you plan to visit. However, if you are seeking to find the best frozen landscapes and take some fantastic photographs, Romania in the winter is definitely your answer!


1. Maramures

 Mocanița, Vișeul de Sus




Known for its natural rural landscapes, Maramures is renowned for keeping unchanged so many traditions and landmarks, as well as traditional day to day life. To enjoy some spectacular winter landscapes in North Romania, a trip with the steam train Mocanita is guaranteed to leave you amazed. Mocanita departs from Viseu de Sus and reaches Paltin station. The steam train has a special winter program, so make sure to check their website.


Maramures Transylvania is also well known for keeping its old Christmas traditions and customs. Therefore, if you plan your trip to Maramures for the Christmas break, be ready to see spectacular views as the villages are decorated in bright colors for the holidays. Not only you can admire the traditional clothes, on top of that there are unique costumes that people wear.



2. Bucovina

Rarau Mountains 


Winter in Bukovina


Bucovina that is famous for its painted monasteries, is also a winter destination. Not only you can admire some breathtaking mountain views, but on top of that, you have ski facilities and, most of the locals offer horse sleigh ride if there is snow. In the winter, if there is no snow, you can have a horse carriage ride. However it is, the trip to Bukovina offers unforgettable memories with winter landscapes.

Vatra Dornei is a wonderful location in winter to visit or have a good rest or have fun and practice a winter sport. The station has mineral springs, ski resorts, and good geographical positioning, as you can even admire the splendid beauty of rural landscapes from there.


3. Brasov


Brasov in the winter


Brasov, with his colorful Saxon architecture and mountainside vibe, becomes in the winter a picturesque frozen destination. Being a well preserved medieval town, all the landscapes in the winter won’t cease to amaze you. Around Brasov are many other scenic destinations, such as Viscri and Bran Village. Brasov, with its old medieval atmosphere given by its architecture and cobbled streets, is a lovely place to visit at snowfall.


4. The Ice Hotel

Balea Lake


The Ice Hotel Balea Lake


If you want to see Romania in winter, the Hotel of Ice offers an unforgettable memory. Being built entirely from snow and ice blocks extracted from Balea Lake, the hotel offers from 2005 unique experiences. Around Balea Lake, you can also admire the Fagaras Mountains with its frozen landscapes.


5. Bran 


Bran Castle


A beautiful rural attraction that you have to visit in winter is Bran village. Situated in Brasov county, the village is also famous for Bran Castle and its connection with the legend of Dracula. On top of being connected with Vlad the Impaler and the legend of Count Dracula, Bran Castle has been an important medieval fortress from 1205 until the 18th century. The castle has also been a royal residence, Queen Marie restoring and bringing it back to life.  Bran and Bran Castle always offers incredible views in the winter as a rural tourism attraction and an important landmark.


6. Sinaia and Bucegi Mountains


Rural landscape in the winter


Sinaia, the heart of Prahova Valley, is a beautiful destination for skiing and in the winter, can offer amazing landscapes with its Bucegi Mountains. In the area, you can also see the Sphinx, a natural rock formation. The name comes from the resemblance of the monument with the human face. Situated at an altitude of 2216 m, the 8-meter statue takes a new white resemblance in the winter.


7. Peles Castle


Peles Castle in the winter


Peles Castle, the Neo-Renaissance building, was created for being a summer residence for Romania’s first King Carol I. Built in 1875, the castle now welcomes visitors from all over the world, offering fairy tale views. In the winter, the castle’s imposing structure blends in perfectly with the frozen mountain landscape.


8. Sibiu and the Christmas Market


Sibiu and the Christmas Market 


In the winter, Sibiu is under a cover of sparkling lights. To its natural medieval allure, the snow and the Christmas lights adds a new kind of charm to the city. A multicolored market is set in the middle of the town in Piata Mare. At the market, you can find a range of products and merchandise that will surely not leave you disappointed. A good time to visit the market and the city in the wintertime is at nighttime when all the Christmas lights are sparkling, creating a fantastic winter atmosphere that you can enjoy.

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