5 most important things to know before you visit Romania.



Located in Eastern Europe, Romania is the country that started to develop its tourism through its beautiful, rural and traditional villages with natural landscapes, such as Maramures, which makes you feel like stepping back in time. Dracula's legend with Bran Castle and the stunning medieval fortresses and castles are as well top-rated attractions in Romania, so make sure you include them in your itinerary when you are planning your trip to Romania. 


Romania's tourism started to grow as the country began to develop and invest more in tourism activities, hospitality, and infrastructure. The tourism in Romania is slowly growing and as a tourist in Romania, you can be sure that the time you spend here will be unique. 

If you plan or are thinking of visiting Romania, we have summed up in 5 main ideas, the things that are most important before you visit Romania. 


Where is Romania?

Things to do in Romania

Best cities to visit in Romania

Why contact a Romania Travel Agency?

Trips and tours in Romania



Where is Romania?


Romania is an Eastern European Country that is part of the EU (European Union). Finding Romania on the map is quite easy, you just have to look for the most obvious geographical landmarks such as the Carpathian Mountains, the Black Sea, the Danube River, and the Danube Delta. Often referred to as Dracula's country, if you are eager to travel across Romania is not difficult at all to find its location and its whereabouts. 


Visit Romania


Things to do in Romania


Try the Romanian cuisine

In the Romanian culture, many old customs and traditions have been preserved for centuries. Romanian cuisine is a perfect example of traditional and deliciously prepared dishes.

Romanian cuisine has been influenced across time by numerous nations, however, it also kept some of its original appeals, resulting in a combination of traditional dishes.  In Romanian cuisine you can find a series of elements from the Eastern and Central Europe and also Turkey, Germany, and Greece. While in Romania you have to try at least some of the most popular food. Depending on the zone that you are visiting, you can try dishes such as sarmale, tochitura moldoveneasca, and alivenci for some authentic experiences.


For a traditional and rustic experience of Romania’s cuisine, “mamaliga” with “tochitura” (that is usually pork meat) is a frequent choice.  A traditional sweet is “cozonac” that is often eaten around Christmas, and it consists of sweet bread usually with cocoa, nuts and Turkish delight.

Around Easter except the traditional foods based on “miel” (lamb), the traditional sweet meal consists of “pască(round pie with sweet and aromatic cheese filling).


Tochitură Moldovenească

Tochitură Moldovenească


Discover its castles


Romania is renowned for its medieval castles surrounded by gorgeous natural sceneries and with many legends and stories about them. Some of the Castles in Romania that you have to make sure to visit are Bran Castle, Corvin Castle, Peles Castle, and Rasnov Fortress. 

Corvin Castle is a beautiful Gothic-style construction in Hunedoara.  It was in the 15h century the residence of Iancu de Hunedoara (John Hunyadi).  

Peles Castle, constructed around 1873-1914, has been erected for King Carol I and is a Neo-Renaissance building. It is situated 48 km from Brasov, in Sinaia.

Bran Castle, located in the village of Bran at about 25 km from Brasov, Is an important Romanian landmark often known as Dracula’s Castle. The castle has also been a royal residence, having to display some of the arts and furniture that belonged to Queen Marie of Romania

Rasnov Fortress, located in the immediate vicinity of Brasov, was built as part of a defense system, located on a hilltop and on the commercial route linking Transylvania and Wallachia.  


Transylvania Romania

Corvin Castle


Hike the Carpathian Mountains


The Carpathians are the perfect destination for the people that are looking for an active vacation and want to admire the natural beauty of the country. The Carpathians have considerable diverse wildlife, many national parks and reserves, and many more outdoor activities. Rodnei National Park, Retezat National Park and, Bicaz National Park are only a few of the areas you should visit if you are a mountain enthusiast.

Hiking through the national parks of the Carpathians is a fantastic experience, but besides hiking, you can meet wild animals in controlled environments. Meet the bears of LiBEARty Bear Sanctuary, the biggest brown bear sanctuary in Europe. 116 bears were saved and brought here to live peacefully. 


Hiking Carpathian Mountains

Carpathian Mountains


Explore the Danube Delta


A UNESCO World Heritage Site and the best-preserved delta in Europe, the Danube Delta is a unique ecosystem that has become a paradise for the numerous species of birds, fishes, and amphibians. While in Romania, explore the Danube Delta and observe the nature in its purest form. 


Danube Delta, one of the most important river deltas in Europe, was formed in more than 10,000 years and it continues to grow every year. The delta formed around its 3 main distribution branches Chilia, Sulina and Sfantul Gheorghe. Danube Delta has only 10% dry land, the rest of it being the wetlands, and the home of countless bird species, reeds vegetation, and narrow canals.

The Delta has around 5.500 species of flora and fauna. There are also numerous species of fish,such as pike, pike perch, carp, cat fish, fishing being one of the main occupation for the inhabitants. While visiting the delta you have to try some of the fish specialties that are prepared with local ingredients, especially the fish soup.


Danube Delta

Danube Delta


Meet a bison in Bison Land


In the Northern part of Romania, in Neamt County, you can find Neamt-Vanatori Park, also known as the Bison Land. The Bison Land has around 30 bison brought from Europe in Romania as part of the bison reintroduction initiative in this region, supported by the European Commission. 

Together with a ranger, you can go looking for bison that roam freely in the forest or are acclimatizing in the large enclosures.


Ecotourism Neamt County

Bison Land


Best cities to visit in Romania


Bucharest, the capital city of Romania and by far the biggest city in the country, is an exceptional tourist destination encompassing monumental buildings of communist architecture, national museums and squares, and parks. A few of its most famous landmarks are the Palace of the Parliament, the Village Museum, the Old Center and the Michael I Park (Parcul Herastrau) and you can visit them all in a day Bucharest Tour. 


Also called the Little Paris in the times before WWII, the earthquake from 1977 and the communist regime took down most of the city‘s Art-Nouveau style architecture and buildings. Nowadays, you can still find places that resemble its old allure such as the Old Town and Victoriei Avenue.




The Teutonic Knights founded the city of Brasov in the year 1234, and over the centuries it has been home for both Saxons and Romanians. The cultural mixture and medieval architecture turned Brasov into a beautiful medieval town, impressing every tourist that visits the city. Some of the tourist landmarks that you have to visit in Brasov are the Black Church, The White and the Black Tower, Strada Sforii (Rope Street), and the city center.


Brasov has to offer more as it is in the vicinity of numerous Romanian landmarks such as: Peles Castle, located in Sinaia at 48 km from Brasov, Bran Castle, located in the Bran Village at 25 km from Brasov, Rasnov Fortress, at around 20 km from Brasov.




Cluj Napoca is the heart of Transylvania and a perfect place to start your journey in Transylvania Romania. The main landmarks of the city are Cluj-Napoca Botanical Garden, Visit St. Michael's Church, Central Park, and the Old Town Hall. Cluj has more to offer other than the cultural heritage and landscapes. The city hosts and plans different events and festivals, so you should check ahead of time if at the same time with your visit is any event planned. Besides walking tours through the city, you should look forward to the events and festivals hosted in Cluj-Napoca.


Cluj Napoca


Iasi is the second-largest city in in the country and is known to be the cultural capital and the capital of the Romanian youth (2019- 2020). Iasi is also home to the oldest Romanian university, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, and to the first engineering school, Gheorghe Asachi Technical University. There are many things to do in Iasi and Iasi County. Still, you should start by visiting the Palace of Culture (Palatul Culturii), the "Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University Library, and the Iasi National Theatre (Teatrul National "Vasile Alecsandri"). Getting to Iasi from Bucharest can be done by booking a flight as Blue Air and Tarom have direct flights to Iasi Airport. 


For any tourist info, you can easily reach the Tourist information center in Iasi, which is located across Piata Unirii (Unirii Square Iasi) or book ahead one of our Iasi city tours or tours from Iasi. 




Located in central Romania and having Saxon roots, Sibiu impresses through its appeal given by its colorful buildings and narrow streets. The city is divided in the Upper Town and the Lower Town, connected through the Passage of Steps. In the past, the Upper Town was the rich center of the town, while Tower Town was inhabited by the middle classes.


The city of Sibiu, Romania, with its very well preserved medieval town, featured in Forbes "Europe's Most Idyllic Places To Live " article. The city acquired the title of the European Region of Gastronomy in 2019 and hosted a food culture festival in September 2019. Other notable events that Sibiu hosts are the Christmas market and the Astra Film Festival. While in Sibiu, you should visit the Brukenthal Avrig Palace, The ASTRA Museum, and walk around the city on its stone-paved streets.


Sibiu Christmas Market


Why contact a Romania Travel Agency


Traveling solo or in a group, the best way to experience Romania while receiving the most useful information about the places that you visit is with professional guidance. Romanian people are very warm and welcoming towards tourists, and most of the people in urban areas can understand and speak English. Therefore if you plan to travel to the cities in Romania, you should be able to go around just fine. Even if you travel accompanied or on your own if you want to explore the other tourist attractions outside the cities, do it carefully as you can easily get lost. Unfortunately, to get anywhere close to the hidden gems of Romania is not always possible by using public transport.


To avoid getting lost in the countryside, get in touch with a local travel agency prior to traveling to Romania. The best travel itineraries are realized through brainstorming, research, and site inspections that the travel agencies do all the time. Having your vacation planned through an experienced travel agency is recommended as they have all the information for your trip and other useful info such as travel gear that you may need to access a particular area. Therefore you should benefit from the network, experience, and knowledge of a DMC (Destination Management Company) or tour operator to have the best experience in Romania.


Romania Travel Agency


Trips and tours in Romania


To make your journey in Romania as memorable as possible, we are using our experience and knowledge to plan and make the most exciting, informative, and fun itineraries.


Romania Trips


Starting from Bucharest


Our Bucharest Travel Agency prepares amazing tours to exceed all your expectations. Through our agency and with our travel guides, you will receive the best experience in and outside Bucharest. Our Bucharest City Tour includes the Palace of the Parliament and all the best landmarks in the capital city. If you prefer to explore and discover more about the communist period in Romania we have this unique Bucharest Communist Tour 


If you don't have much time on your hands, you can choose a day trip from Bucharest. If you're looking to visit some of the most popular places in Romania, you should check our day trip to Bran Castlewhich also includes the Peles Castle and a visit to the medieval city of Brasov. You may also decide on a Transfagarasan road trip, that will take you to the Vidraru Dam and Balea Lake, or a trip to Zarnesti Bear Sanctuary to see the bears and then go to visit Bran Castle.


For a full round experience in Romania, you may also choose to spend eight days in Romania with a tour from Bucharest in a Classic Tour of Romania. This gives you the possibility to visit all its major landmarks, famous castles, historical sights, and all the sightseen tours that you need to discover this beautiful country. You will get to visit beautiful cultural landmarks such as Bran Village and Bran Castle, the Alba Carolina Fortress from Alba Iulia, the medieval city of Sibiu, and the well-preserved villages of Maramures

We have prepared something even for those that are interested in Romania as the Dracula's country. If you want to explore the legend of Count Dracula with all the related landmarks and locations that were an inspiration for the vampire legends, we have prepared this 8 days Dracula Tour.


Starting from Cluj Napoca


As a Cluj Travel Agency, we have prepared a complete Cluj City Tour for every traveler interested in exploring the city. Cluj has an excellent geographical positioning for trips to everyone that wants to start their trip in Transylvania. Cluj Airport has quite good connections, so make sure to check if you have a direct flight to Cluj. From there, you can have a one day trip and visit Corvin Castle and Alba Carolina Fortress, or you can choose to visit Turda Salt Mine, Alba Carolina, and Rimetea. Furthermore, you may opt for exploring the cultural diversity of Transylvania and visit Sighisoara, Biertan fortified church with its Saxon heritage, Medias, and the gypsy community villages. Departing from Cluj, you can have a complete tour of Transylvania in a 3 day tour, or explore the Northern part of Romania in a tour of Maramures and Bukovina.


Starting From Iasi


As an Iasi Travel Agency, we're going beyond showcasing the landmarks of Romania's Cultural Capital in a full Iasi city tour. The city of Iasi is a hidden gem that few people get to hear about. There is also a lot of potential for day trips. From Iasi, you can have a day trip to Bukovina and visit the Painted Monasteries of Bucovina (UNESCO World Heritage Sites); have a Day trip to Neamt and visit the bison reserve, Neamt Fortress, and Agapia Monastery; go hiking in Bicaz Gorges or visit Chisinau and Cricova Winery

Besides day trips, you can also have a 4 days tour from Iasi through the Romanian historical region of Moldova and the Republic of Moldova.

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