The Legendary Baba Dochia - The return of spring

Baba Dochia, a legendary figure of Romanian folklore, is connected with the arrival of spring, and it is perhaps one of the most well-known figures of Romanian mythology. She is the mother of Dragobete, and some claim that she Dochia was the daughter of the legendary Dacian king, Decebalus.

Romanian mythology - 3 legends you might not have known

Romanian mythology can be truly impressive, with tales of giants that protected the Earth, and powerful wizards that descended from Dacian High Priests. Discover some of the most powerful legends in Romanian folklore, which influenced and gave birth to numerous tales and stories.

The Ballad of Miorita – the defining Romanian myth

The Miorita ballad, is perhaps, the most eloquent Romanian folk poem ever created, summing up the most important beliefs of this nation. The poem is proof of the strong connection between man and nature in the Romanian people, and it inspired countless artists and poets throughout the years.

Sanziene – the Summer Fairies

The Sanziene are, together with Fates, mysterious fairies with magical powers that bless people and animals, strengthen marriages, and heal people. Their holiday is celebrated on the 24th of June each year, and it is filled with specific rituals, mainly focused on love and marriage.