7 steps to help you plan your Romanian vacation

Still undecided if you want to visit Romania?


Follow our 7 steps to help you plan your Romanian vacation

1. Choose carefully your travel agency
Visiting for the first time a new country can be overwhelming and with so many things to see and do, selecting can be a bit of a pain. There is no doubt that a good travel agency will ease your planning and will offer you the best tips ever. But if you still prefer to plan everything by yourself keep in mind that having a contact of a good agency might be useful in some unexpected situations.


2. Traveling alone or in a group?
Traveling alone in Romania will be definitely something to remember and for sure you will return home with a new list of friends. Traveling in a group or with family has the great advantage of being less expensive but you should pay extra care in choosing the accommodation units or planning the itinerary so that everybody can be pleased.


3. Select a theme for your holiday
It‘s easier to plan each day of the trip if you clearly set in your mind the priorities. For example, if you are attracted to Dracula’s myth you should obviously choose Transylvania region and allocate at least 2 days for visiting it.


4. Rent a car vs. coach
Traveling by coach is by far the most stress-free way of visiting as the route is already established and the guide will tell you everything you want to find out. But renting a car or a minivan, depending on group size, can be more fun and exciting.


5. Make a top 5 things you really want to see and do
It will be a pity to return home and realize that you didn’t see a particular place just because you accidentally missed it or forgot it. So, the best thing to do is to make a list and stick to it. Also, on a separate list, note the things you would like to experience in Romania. Our suggestions include tasting sarmale, drinking palinka, painting an egg and dancing hora.


6. Choose what kind of accommodation you prefer most
Romanian hotels and guesthouses are ranked according to European laws which are, in general, respected. According to your budget, you can also get accommodation in hostels or in camping sites but you should not miss the chance of at least one night into o rural guesthouse. The Romanian rural hospitality is worldwide famous and what can be better than trying traditional bio food directly from the source?


7. All inclusive or not?
All inclusive is recommended if you are staying several days in the same accommodation unit if not, resume to breakfast. You should know that meals are in general richer at the guesthouses and most of the times palinka is on the house.

Now you're set up to plan your Romanian vacation!

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