Birdwatching in Romania - The great Danubian White

Are you thinking "Does it sound like a movie scenario worthy of Steven Spielberg? Or some mystical creature haunting the depths of a river?" Well, the character we are talking about is just as fascinating as it is real. In flesh and bones.


Symbolic for the Danube Delta, the great Danubian white or the white pelican is simply a must-see if you’re taking a trip to the Danube Delta. The white pelican is a beautiful large bird with an impressive has a special skill/deft, so it’s an unmissable opportunity for photography lovers! Actually, the technique used by white pelicans is quite unusual, they prefer ''chasing'' banks/groups of fish, this efficient strategy guaranteeing their substantial meal.


The perfect season for birdwatching in Romania is the spring, which is also an ideal time for outdoor holidays. In spring, numerous flocks of pelicans return to the delta to nestle, forming the largest colony of this kind in Europe. White pelicans can be watched particularly in the Roșca-Buhaiova Reserve located somewhere between Chilia and Sulina, a protected area due to the fragile ecosystem.

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