Romanian souvenirs, so you’ll always remember

Bucharest or any place from Romania is an amazing destination to collect Romanian souvenirs. Here you can find beautiful things, for everyone, for small pockets and big pockets, for crafts lovers or avid collectors.

A trip to Bucharest is a wonderful opportunity to widen your cultural horizon, but mostly for the variety and quality of the Romanian souvenirs. These “material” memories are not less important or significant. So, do you have a soft spot for souvenirs shops? Bucharest museums illustrate the life and traditions of the countryside that have actually survived to this day. In addition, the Village Museum and the Romanian ethnographic museum provide an excellent starting point if you’re looking for Romanian souvenirs or gifts for your loved ones.


During your trip to Bucharest, you can make a stop at Cărtureşti bookstore on Magheru Avenue which offers souvenir-seekers a refined selection of gifts: a Romanian book, a jar of traditional homemade jam or a local wine, alongside with photo albums that capture the beauty of Bucharest or that of the whole country.

If you’re on a quest for unforgettable images or photographs of Romania, we warmly recommend the Humanitas Kretzulescu bookstore.


Romanian souvenirs - not to miss on your trip to Bucharest

For art lovers, Bucharest’s galleries can act as an alternative route … looking for a unique Romanian souvenir, while fine wine connoisseurs have plenty of opportunities to taste the local bouquets by visiting wine bars or dedicated stores specialized. Last but not least, on your trip to Bucharest, it is well worth looking for the desired souvenir in small, dedicated stores selling traditional gifts and authentic products crafted in wood, fabric or ceramic. The most popular ones are located within the historical center area, following an imaginary path that takes us from Calea Victoriei Avenue to the French street, with a final stop at Unirea Shopping Center.

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