Meet Claudia

Born in Bucharest, in love with Transylvania

Tours and interests: Communist Bucharest, Classic Bucharest Tour with a focus on its eclectic architecture and diverse influences of the past, Transylvanian Fairy Tales, Saxon Roots, Stories of the middle ages, arts & crafts, multi-ethnic communities, food and drinks tastings, local customs.  

Hobbies: traveling, trekking, exploring reality, cartography, history of civilizations and of religions, social architecture, photography, communism, and recent history, reading, dancing and sharing stories with a smile.


Languages spoken: English (fluent), French (fluent), Romanian (maternal language), Spanish (basic), Dutch (beginner)


About myself:

Life is amazing when you are exploring and enjoying the present moment. And this what we shall be doing together: appreciate traveling’s most fulfilling benefits, of providing food for the soul and the brain!

Since I started this work from pure love for travel, it comes from my inner passion that I want to offer you the best experience. During our travel, I will adapt to each one’s interest and integrate stops in unexpected locations in a quest to maximize your time in my land of fairy tales and mythological creatures. From Dracula to Ceausescu, from pre-Christian civilizations to magic routes of the salt, lost cultures, archaeological findings or the current economic state, I am excited to assist you on your journey and give you at least a glimpse of what makes Romania special.


Be ready for a tour with a motivated local guide ready to open up new perspectives and bring to the table in-depth discussions regarding traditions and historical influences that shape up contemporary society. I have studied art management, curating and history. I have been traveling and studying abroad many years before I have returned the magic land of Carpathians, as I like to call my country, with a desire to promote its beauty and act as a cultural mediator of the local creative scene.  



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