Climate and weather in Romania

When traveling in Romania should know something about climate and weather. The climate of Romania is temperate-continental, meaning there are four distinct seasons. Due to this fact, Romania experiences hot summers, cool, dry autumns, cold winters with snow and fog, and mild springs. Having the Carpathian Mountains in the center and flowing into the Black Sea forming the Danube Delta, Romania has a regional climatic variation. The Romanian territory is called the Carpathian-Danubian-Pontic space.


Rainfall levels are usually moderately low all year. Due to the country’s location and varied topography, rainfall is generally higher in the west and in mountainous regions, while the eastern regions are drier. Western regions also tend to have milder winters.


The weather in Romania around the year:


  J F M A M J JL A S O N D
MinoC -5 -3 0 6 10 14 16 15 11 6 2 -3
MaxoC 1 4 10 18 23 27 29 28 25 18 10 4
Rain mm 36 17 35 30 48 55 53 52 45 54 28 31



Romania during spring

Spring is perhaps the most awaited season, easily noticeable not only in the atmosphere but also in the mood of the inhabitants. Spring has cool mornings and nights and warm days.


Spring in Romania


Romania during summer

Summer usually starts in mid-May by temperatures ranging from 200 to 250C. In the summertime, the weather in Romania can exceed 300 C around noon, especially in big cities like Bucharest, Cluj or Iasi, therefore it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight exposure. It is the ideal time of the day to visit a museum, whose cool rooms will be even more inviting. Despite the hot summers, there is no siesta in Romania, so all tourist attractions are open during the regular working hours.


Romanian beach


Romania during autumn

Autumn is dry and debuts in mid-September when temperatures start dropping, especially at night. Like the spring, the fields and trees produce colorful foliage.


Romanian Automn


Romania during winter

In late October and throughout November rainy and foggy days are not unusual, announcing the arrival of winter. The average winter temperature is -30 C, the lower values in mountainous regions making it ideal for winter sports.


Romanian winter