Constantin Brancusi, the Romanian sculptor

Constantin Brancusi, the creator of modern sculpture has influenced today’s art world by simplifying shapes, restoring the balance between form and matter and refusing to obey the artistic dogmas of the early twentieth century.


The artist’s spirit of rebellion against everything conventional manifested from early childhood; by 11 years old he had run away from home three times and later traveled from Bucharest to Paris on foot. In Paris, after a few years of apprenticeship with Auguste Rodin, he declined the latter’s invitation to stay at his studio, famously saying “Nothing grows under the shadow of big trees.”


Most Important Art of Constantin Brancusi

Constantin Brancusi drew his creative inspiration from the essential aspects of life such as birth, love, labor, creation or death. His entire work was influenced by the Romanian village life, the place where he spent his childhood and adolescence. It was there that Brancusi became familiar with folk myths and the simplicity of archaic symbols carved in wood hundreds of years before, whom he conferred the refinement of modern art. He would later pay homage to the places that inspired him by creating the most impressive outdoor sculptural ensemble, which includes the famous Table of Silence, the Gate of the Kiss and the Column of Infinity, also known as the Endless Column. Along with the series of sculptures "Bird in Space", "Ovoid" or "The Muses", Brancusi’s work has decisively put his mark on the evolution of modern sculpture.


Constantin Brancusi

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