George Enescu, the Romanian composer

George Enescu is undoubtedly the most renowned Romanian composer, his work being performed on the world’s greatest stages. Violinist, composer, pianist, director, and composer, Enescu was a child prodigy who showed an unusual musical talent as early as 4. A representative for the Romantic style, his creation brings together the musicality of Romanian folk music and the modern touch of German and French music.


At the age of 7 became the youngest student to be admitted at the Vienna Conservatory, and started performing at private events since he was 10 years old. His first mature work was presented in Paris when he was only 16 years old, played by one of the most prestigious orchestras in the world, the Colonne Orchestra.


George Enescu - the creator of a unique body of work

Enescu’s most famous compositions are the two Romanian Rhapsodies for orchestra and the 7 Songs for tenor and piano, on the lyrics of Clément Marot. His most complex work, “Oedipe” an opera inspired by Sophocles tragedy, had its world premiere in Paris. George Enescu is the first Romanian composer whose music belongs to the universal cultural heritage.

George Enescu was a prestigious violin teacher, having taught people such as Christian Ferras, Serge Blanc, Ida Haendel or Joan Field and he influenced many others throughout his career. He also widely promoted Romanian contemporary music, playing works of Mihail Jora, Jonel Perlea, and Constantin Silvestri, and his work was greatly influenced by Romanian folk music.


After his death, the George Enescu Festival was created in his memory. This Romanian musical festival of international prestige took place for the first time in 1958, and it was meant to take place every three years. This year, the festival will take place between 2nd and 24th of September and it will bring together 30 0f the most renowned contemporary composers.

Bucharest also houses a museum in the Cantacuzino Palace in his memory, and his house in Dorohoi is open to the public.


George Enescu

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