The fates-first divine creatures to interact with humans

Without a doubt, Romanian mythology is extremely rich and fascinating. All sorts of fantastic creatures cohabit with humans in a harmonious, yet strange way. From the scary moroi to the alluring Iele, Romania is home to some of the most amazing legends and superstitions and an endless source of inspiration.


The legend of the three Fates is present in many cultures around the globe. Instead, in Romania, they have a quite special status as they are the first divine creatures to interact with humans. On the third day of a new-born baby, it is believed that the Fates are coming in order to predict the child’s future. The young mothers helped by the midwives, properly prepare the room for the Fates’ arrival. According to the region, they carefully arrange a table in the baby’s room. Also, in the room, they put different gifts such as sugar and salt, wheat flour, water and wine, different seeds, sweets, books or candles. Nowadays, almost all women give birth in hospitals and most of them spent at least three days there. That's why this tradition is slowly disappearing. But still, there are many women and nurses familiar with this superstition and you may often see hospital’s windowsills full of goodies for the Fates. Every mother wants her baby to be healthy and lucky and if some treats can solve this, why not?


Romanian mythology about the Fates

The legend says that the Fates are actually three Iele with special gifts. The first Fate, called Ursitoarea, is the oldest and the tallest and the one who predicts how lucky and happy the life of the baby will be. The second Fate is Death, the keeper of the Thread of Life and she predicts how long the life of the little human will be. And finally, the third Fate is Destiny, tiny and cute, this fairy always tries to balance the previous two predictions so the baby can enjoy a beautiful life.


Nowadays, the Fates are played by young girls dressed in fairies, who are often invited to the christening party. Their role is rather focused on entertaining the guests but still, they succeed in some ways, to recreate that mysterious moment so treasured in the past by our ancestors – the divine prophecy of the Fates.

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