8 unusual and esoteric places to discover in Romania

1. Bucegi Mountains 

Sphinx Bucegi

Bucegi Mountains are the most popular place for tourists who are eager for adventure or simply to walk on the mountain paths.

Besides its geographical complexity, the massif looks like a real natural fortress, and it is a place which has always intrigued people.

One of the most controversial landforms is the Sphinx. It closely resembles the Egyptian Sphinx, as a human face, scientifically referred to as the anthropomorphic megalith. That’s how there were born theories that the Sphinx in Bucegi Mountains communicates through an energetic corridor with the pyramids in Egypt. As the same time, several people reported that nearby they witnessed some strange phenomena such as rainbows in full sun without having rained on before, lightning or long sparks.

In the area there is talk about underground tunnels dating from the time of the Dacians. Those tunnels had a strategic role or simply inside it was hidden the Dacians’ gold. Not far from the Sphynx, there is Ialomita Cave, about it is supposed it was a prehistoric sanctuary inhabited by priests. Moreover, the Omu Peak, along with the Retezat Mountains and Ceahlau Mountains, are forming a vast Carpathian triangle, also called the “golden triangle” of the Dacians. 

2.  Sarmisegetuza Regia

Sarmizegetusa Regia

Sarmisegetuza Regia was the cradle of Dacian civilization and the economic, religious, and political center of Dacia. That is until 106 AD, when the Romans will conquer it, and they will build their new capital Ulpia Traiana 40 km away.

During the reign of the last Dacian king, Decebal, the most extensive metallurgical workshops in Europe had appeared here. The Dacians had developed a cult of adorning their bodies with jewelry such as bracelets, columns, or rings. The rumors say that after the conquest of the fortress, somewhere around 160 tons of gold and 300 tons of silver would have reached Rome. Without mentioning the treasure still undiscovered.

Besides the rich history behind it, Sarmisegetuza is also one of the most sought after places by mediation lovers. Thus, many yoga practitioners perished here, doing meditations or invocations through different rituals. Ancient Dacian temples are considered areas of high energy load, and a mysterious circular construction made of andesite that symbolizes the sun is regarded as the gateway to other spiritual worlds.

3. Temple of Wishes Sinca Veche

Another place attracting more and more energy seekers is Sinca Veche, a rupestrian monastery with a rather intriguing appearance. It is said that the establishment dates back over 7000 years and that in the 1700s, the Orthodox monks were hiding here from the persecution of Catholics over them.

It is also called the Temple of Wishes. Besides the positive energy, it is said that if you go with a clean heart, all your wishes will be fulfilled.

The place is a mix of many faiths. Besides icons, candles, and a profile drawing of what appears to resemble Jesus Christ, have been uncovered and a similar symbol to Ying and Yang or the Star of David.

The bell tower impresses through the spirals on its walls and the wide opening through which you can see the sky, giving a meditative appearance.

4. Rupestrian Monasteries in Buzau Mountains

The Buzau Mountains, located in the curvature of the Carpathian Mountains, hide over 20 rupestrian settlements, each with something unique. They date back to prehistory, having dominant cultic and refuge functions. Over the time, it served as Dacian Sanctuaries. Also, here can be found Fundul Pesterii Cave, one of the caves with the most important rock representations in the world, 137 in total.

Moreover, it is said that the brother of the famous dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, general Ilie Ceausescu, would have set up here a specialized subunit, with a hidden character, for training soldiers with paranormal powers.

5. Ceahlau Mountains

Ceahlau Mountains

If we talk about places with great esoteric value, it is worth mentioning the massif described by many writers as “Olympus of the Romanians”: Ceahlau Massif.

Two unique phenomena that create unique images on the plateau enhance his mysticism. In the first part of August, at sunrise, the shadows of Toaca and Piatra peaks form a huge hologram shaped like a pyramid for 1 hour and a half. It is also called the pyramidal shadow or the space pyramid, and a legend says that the top of the pyramid indicates the place where the Dacian treasure is hidden.

At the same time of the year, it appears for a few minutes, the Way of Sky, above the Toaca peak. The Way of Sky is a pillar of a strong and strange light, bordered by two dark bands. There are light games that people haven’t found an explanation for.

6. Rarau Mountains

Pietrele Doamnei

Another geographic formation that is said to be the leading energy point of the planet is the Rarau Mountains. How comes? The mountains are formed by an important composition of crystalline systems that have the capacity to conserve an important amount of energy. That’s why in the last period the spiritual tourism begins to develop more and more in the area.

Even if you are not a very meditative person, you can still admire Pietrele Doamnei Stones. The legend says that the stones were sheltering the family and part of the fortune of Moldovan ruler Petru Rares. The Ottomans found out about this and tried to take his fortune, but there was a slip of stones that killed them instantly.

7. Hoia Baciu Forest 

Located near the city of Cluj-Napoca, in the heart of Transylvania, Hoia Baciu forest is a place surrounded by many gloomy stories. It all starts with a shepherd who disappears with his sheep. What is famous for it is a 1968 photo of a UFO above the forest. Ufologists confirm its authenticity, so specialists from all over the world were attracted to this place to study the unusual phenomena.

People who ventured into the forest reported that they began to experience unexplained conditions such as anxiety, headaches, or burns on the skin. From the point of view of these accounts, the place is also described as being the shelter of the devil.

In 2017, the British publication Independent described the location in one of its articles as being one of the creepiest forests in the world.

8. Iulia Hasdeu Castle

Iulia Hasdeu Castle

Also called “the spiritualist temple at the foot of the Carpathians,” the castle dedicated to Iulia Hasdeu was built between 1893 and 1896, by his father, Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu. Grieved by the death of his daughter at just 19 years old, a young lady considered brilliant, B.P. Hasdeu arranges inside the castle an obscure room, where the spiritualism sessions took place.

Legends say that at night Iulia could be heard singing on the piano to her father’s applause. On other nights, the old man Hasdeu went out of the window and howled like a wolf.

Next to the Hasdeu family’s shrine, from Bucharest Bellu cemetery, are the only spiritualist temples in the world.

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