Viscri Village

Set in the heart of Transylvania, Viscri village is a paragon of genuine rural life, a place increasingly sought by tourists. Despite this, it is still faithful to the principles of traditional life.



This small village was founded one millennium ago by the first Saxon settlers arriving from the area of Luxembourg. It is tucked away in the Transylvanian forests and sheltered from the busy roads, has preserved its medieval charm. This is a place that has attracted royalty – the Prince of Wales. Charmed by the beauty of the area and by the simplicity of its life, he bought a house here and refurbished it, preserving its traditional style.


The church of Viscri Village

The church of Viscri Village

In the center of Viscri village stands the white church, built in the 13th century and surrounded by tall walls. This used to be the meeting place for the villagers, for all the important events in the life of the community. When the clouds of war darkened the horizon, the church became the villagers' refuge. The fortified church, as well as the entire village, are part of the UNESCO world heritage. The visitors in search of authentic rural life, of unique experiences, away from the bustle of urban life, will find Viscri village a place where time stood still. Here, the simplicity of people is matched by their healthy lifestyle, in perfect harmony with nature.

If you contemplate the fortified church from the outside, it is the towers and the height of the massive defenses (the largest ones in Transylvania) which stand out and the small church almost totally disappears behind them. The contrast between the small church and the defense system of the fortress is impressive.

Inside the church, in the nave, the furniture is remarkable. It is decorated with motifs inspired by the Transylvanian Saxon popular art. The interior of the church recalls the atmosphere of a Transylvanian Saxon house, rich in folklore art. In the choir, behind the altar, one can still see the remains of a Romanic column that used to belong to a primitive church. The triumphal arch is also a relic of the same construction.


Visiting hours:

Daily: from 10:00 to 18:00


Ticket Prices:

Adults: 4 Lei

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