Episode 1 - Christmas in Romania

Christmas in Romania


Surprise! We have our first episode of stories from our campaign Share your Christmas story in Romania. As I was telling you this week, we started a campaign to offer a gift to Romania this Christmas, sharing stories about the Holidays.


Without any further ado, here are the best Christmas stories in Romania of this week:


Last year, we ended up spending Christmas in Romania. We didn’t know what to expect but in the end, we liked it.

We spent two days in Romania, where we had a fantastic visit at the Bear Sanctuary near Brasov, we enjoyed lunch and in the end, we visited the famous Dracula’s Castle (which is a myth) and is name is Bran Castle.

The Australian Bender Family from Travel with Bender invited us to join them for Christmas Day and spend some time together. It was quite nice, the location of the house was somewhere in the hills outside Brasov quite near the skiing area with an amazing view. The kids were very excited decorating Christmas cookies.

When we returned to our apartment we felt like we had really had a great day, and were really happy, and had really appreciated their hospitality. – Ruth from Exploramum


Romanian traditional Christmas
Image source: exploramum.com

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We spend Christmas of 2012 somewhere in Brasov, in a guesthouse. We asked the host for a traditional Romanian dinner, but she couldn’t make us because she was invited to her husband’s parent’s house. She asked us if we would like to join them. We gladly did!

The traditional Romanian culture and architecture are so apparent in their district… it was a pleasure to see it behind the scenes! We had some delicious homemade wine and the food was great. I tasted some of the best sausages I have ever had. The best part was the homemade cookies.

The entire holiday, our Christmas in Romania was unforgettable. – Mollie and Sean from The Busby Hive


Christmas Romania


Even though I didn’t spend Christmas with my family, I was lucky to be with my friends in a beautiful place covered with snow – Brasov. The medieval city is full of history with amazing buildings and the unmissable “Brasov” sign, similar to the famous “Hollywood” sign.

I visited the Black Tower (Turnul Negru) and White Tower (Turnul Alb). Then we went to eat something. I am a big fan of Romanian cuisine, myself, and I enjoyed having a Romanian Christmas lunch.

After that, we visited the narrowest street in Romania – Strada Sforii - and in the end, we visited my favorite place from Brasov St. Nicholas church. The day ended perfectly watching the brightly lit Christmas tree at Piata Sfatului.

Spending a totally white Christmas in Braşov was the best decision ever!. – Aggy from Dream, explore and wander

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