Traveling like a pro

We all love to travel, but sometimes traveling can be burdensome and it can put us in some very uncomfortable situations. And that is why we decided to share some of our best travel tips that will make your next holiday so much better. And let's start with our favorite thing to hate – packing.


How to easily pack your luggage

1. Fold, roll and vacuum pack – You probably are familiar with the method of rolling your clothes so they'll use up less space, but what if we told you there's even a better way? Folding your clothes before rolling them helps you save even more space, and after that, you can simply place them in zip-lock bags, push the air out and close them.

2. Keep your clothes fresh – Few things are better than a fresh change of clothes. Whenever you pack, throw in a bag of potpourri or a couple of fabric conditioner sheets to help them maintain that fresh smell.


Packing tips for trip


3. Pack your electronics in zip-lock bags – Stop leaving in constant fear that something in your bag will leak and damage all your electronics. Place them all in a clear zip-lock bag and besides keeping them safe and organized it will be easier to pass them through security.

4. Prevent leaks by sealing – Just for extra safety, you can place a piece of plastic foil over your bottle of shampoo or other liquids. Simply open the lid, place the plastic foil over the mouth of the bottle and put the lid back on.

5. Get a lightweight suitcase – Let’s face it. We always pack a bag until it’s close to exploding, no matter how large it is. So why not just get a smaller one instead? This way, you’ll pack strictly what you need, and it won’t have to worry about paying extra costs for luggage weight.

6. Pack essentials in your hand luggage – This is perhaps the most important tip that we can give you. Your laptop, phone, cash, passport, and other essential items should be packed in your carry-on luggage, as your check-in luggage can always get lost in the airport.

7. Go digital – Ditch the books and magazines and use your smartphone or tablet. Just download the books and you’re good to go.


How to travel like a pro

1. Wake up early – The early bird gets the worm. Waking up early has more benefits than you would think. First of all, the local attractions will not be crowded since most people sleep in. You’ll also witness a spectacular sunrise. Another thing to remember is that honest, hard-working people wake up early while thieves and scammers sleep in.


Travel like a pro


2. Keep some extra cash – No matter how careful you are, bad things happen. Sometimes wallets get stolen, cards stop working and ATMs are nowhere to be found. You should always keep some extra cash in a safe place in case of an emergency. Get creative with where you store your backup cash. You can tape it under the furniture of your hotel room, hide it in your socks or shoes or in secret pockets of your coat or bag.

3. Take lots of photos & back up your data – After your trip is over, you’ll want to remember those moments. Taking a lot of photos will help you remember every small detail. Also, remember to back everything up, as your laptop can break or get stolen.

4. Pack earplugs – These are some of the best travel items that you can take with you. Crying babies, cars and parties can take away some much-needed hours of sleep if you let them.

5. Enjoy the local life – In order to fully experience a country, you have to get to know the local culture. You may have tried Mexican food back home, but nothing beats the local Mexican food made with fresh local products. And please, don't stick to pizza and burgers. Instead, try the food from street vendors and local restaurants. Also, don't forget to talk to the locals. They can give you some of the best tips on local deals and attractions, and those will definitely come in handy.


Local life Romania


Now that you know how to pack your bags like a pro and how to fully enjoy a foreign culture, there's only one obstacle that could stop you – your budget. But don't worry, as traveling on a budget is easier than it may seem.


Tips for traveling on a budget

1. Get free accommodation – There are several services that match travelers with locals who are willing to let them stay for free, and probably the best-known platform for this is Couchsurfing. There are also platforms that encourage travelers to exchange homes, such as Stay4free.

2. Find the best accommodation through Airbnb - If you don't get lucky on free accommodation, or you simply don't feel comfortable with the idea of staying for free, Airbnb will surely help you out. You can find cheap accommodations in local homes of all types, or rent a castle and feel like a true royalty, at least for a couple of days.


Accommodation Romania


3. Locals know the best deals - As we previously mentioned, getting to know the locals has many perks. They can help you find the best deals in towns, and they'll warn you of the stores that sell items at higher prices.

4. Cook your own meals - Cooking is perhaps an essential personal skill that you should have. Instead of paying $20 for a meal at a restaurant, you could pay half the price for the ingredients and cook it yourself. Sure, you'll have to put in a little extra effort and you might end up making a mess in the kitchen, but that just makes everything more exciting.


Now all that's left to do is to start planning your next trip and put all the things you learned to good use. And if you're not sure what country you should visit next, let us tell you why it should be Romania.

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