The Red Lake

The Red Lake is the largest barrier lake in the Eastern Carpathian Mountains. It is located in the foothills of the Hășmașul Mare Mountain, near the Bicaz Gorges, and it was formed after the collapse of a slope caused by an earthquake in 1838.

The Red Lake got its name from the nearby Red Creek, which is filled with various alluvia of a reddish color, such as iron oxides and hydroxides.

The lake is a great tourist attraction, having a valley that is safeguarded by strong winds. The clean and rich air and the picturesque surroundings offer great conditions for relaxation, and near the lake, there are several merchants who sell souvenirs and local street food.


The legend of the Red Lake

The Red Lake was also known as the Killer Lake, and there's a legend behind that name. It is said that when the slope collapsed over the nearby village, the landfall killed most of the inhabitants of the village, as well the animals. In the water was so much blood from all the victims, that the lake got the name of The Red Lake or The Killer Lake.

To make matters more creepy, of the forest that was covered by the lake only tree stumps remained, and over time they got turned into stone due to the sediments. Now, the spruce trunks that barely come out of the water look just like tombstones.

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