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From Tourist to Local


Romania, a country like no other, a country of contradictions, a country that gathered along the years' beautiful people to show its wonders.

Towering castles, ancient abbeys, and walled villages make history come alive in Romania. That’s maybe, only one reason why foreigners come here.

In the next few weeks, you’ll discover the stories and the people that in a moment in their life decided that Romania is the country they want to live in. You'll find out how they started living in Romania.

Our newest campaign From Tourist to Local you’ll meet happy, courageous and inspiring people that will capture your heart.


They are living in Romania:

Starting with Damian Galvin, the business owner of White Mountain Property, you’ll discover his captivating story of how he got to Brasov and fall in love with the city. Along the way, you’ll find out about his charity work and his office cat.

Next, you’ll meet Yvette Larsson, an amazing writer, a voluntarily Ambassador for Romania. She’s the founder of Bucharest Lounge blog, a place filled with stories, emotions, pictures and moments that fill your heart with joy.

After you’ll find out how Yvette got to Romania after 26 years of her first visit, you’ll meet Duncan Ridgley, a well-known paparazzi back in London. Here, a countryside lover and the owner of the lovely Village Hotel. You’ll discover the beautiful place – Breb village – where time stood still and traditions are preserved.


His story is followed by Michael Fraser. Currently the owner of a 3 level pub/club & pub named Mojo, he’ll tell you how he got to Bucharest after working for 9 years in the British Embassy.

Maria Alvarez came from Spain, where she was a Spanish teacher in a public school for immigrant children. From the interview, you’ll discover that she’s living in Romania, Iasi and teaches Spanish to students.


Next is Peter Hurley, who told us how he first got to Romania, in 1994. Not to mention that he’ll divulge us what made him stay in Romania and leave his job from Mercury Research and Mercury Promotions. Now, he’s the producer of the annual festival "The long road to the Merry Cemetery", author of the book ”the Way of the Crosses” and co-producer of the project


After you’ve met Peter, you’ll discover the story of our last member from our campaign From Tourist to Local, Odessa Toma. She came all the way from the USA, Louisiana. She left the ”American dream”, married a Romanian man and moved to Romania with him. In our interview with her, you’ll witness a story full of sacrifices. And of course, how it is for her to live in a foreigner country. She even started a blog, where she writes her thoughts.


Stay tuned for the next “episode” from our campaign From Tourist to Local.

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